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Sectional Sofa and Modular Upholstery Cleaning

When you rent Upholstery or sectional cleaners, be aware that they are very expensive. They are bulky and are not suitable for all types of furniture. Of course, not knowing how they work could cause you to damage your couch, or for it to become soaked in moisture that you are no longer able to remove. This will result in a strong unpleasant odor.

A good annual Upholstery Cleaning is recommended but it also frustrating to have to equip yourself with expensive devices only to use them once a year and have no results. It is for all of these reasons that most individuals deal with a professional couch cleaning company to avoid having to do this time-consuming and tedious task themselves.

Sectional sofa and modular sofa steam cleaning

Always on the lookout for the most recent training in cleaning techniques, it offers you the chance to take advantage of an exclusive sectional or modular Upholstery Cleaning in Aspen Hill process using steam extraction with a factory truck. This cleaning method is by far the most effective at removing all dirt, bacteria, lingering odors, and deep stains from your sofa.

Whether it is for regular or annual maintenance, to remove stubborn stains, to remove the persistent smell of cigarettes, or if your pet has escaped on your couch, we will restore it to its original state without compromising its shine.

In addition to removing odors and stubborn stains? We provide complete cleaning of the cushions, armrests, backrest, and frame of your sectional or modular sofa. The maintenance of your sofa can be done entirely by professional Upholstery Cleaning  Services.

Thanks to the team of qualified technicians. The fabrics of your sectional or your loveseat regain their original shine and smell of cleanliness.

With an ever-growing loyal customer base and the number of contracts we complete on a weekly basis, we use an impressive amount of products. This is why we are proud to use eco-friendly biodegradable cleaning products. Cleaning products are top of the range, tested time and time again to accomplish the toughest jobs to intact fabrics.

With the help of state-of-the-art equipment and high-performance cleaning products. It offers you superior quality cleaning of your sectional sofas or modular sofas.

Upholstery Cleaning

Cleaning leather sofas

Do you feel like it’s impossible to clean your beautiful leather sofa? Several products are indeed not prescribed for leather, since they could damage it permanently.

Be careful before you start cleaning your leather sofa yourself.

Stains and dirt particles can become embedded in it and spoil its premium appearance. Leather also cleaned with care using leather sofa cleaning techniques. Leather-friendly, biodegradable products can restore it to its cleanliness and shine in no time.

Elimination of odors encrusted in your sectional sofa

Bad odors have permeated the fabric of your sectional sofa? Has your pet urinated on your sectional sofa? but since the cushions are unfortunately not removable, it is impossible for you to clean them? Entrust now the task of Upholstery Cleaning your couch or your sofa to the experienced technicians for an emergency it offers the service the same day at no additional cost.

With their in-depth knowledge and state-of-the-art equipment, they will clean and treat the fabric, as well as the upholstery of your modular sofa or sectional sofa.

So that nothing appears there (nor smells!). This is also the case for strong cigarette smells, which are easily retained in the fibers of sectional fabrics. So no longer have to deal with a piece of furniture that you no longer want. Simply because of its smells. With factory trucks equipped with the most recent Upholstery Cleaning technologies, it will have the solution to your worries.


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