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Facebook Marketing 

Facebook is the most popular Social Network in the world. It is designed to help users stay in touch with a group of people. Follow the activities shared by friends, consult links or content that friends from time to time once they propose us.

Since 2004, the year of its birth, its growth has evolved such as to radically change the behavior of individuals. Becoming a tool capable of creating new ways of relating and interacting, exponentially increasing the opportunities for a company. Revealed an optimal means for finding potential customers, potential targets, engaging their customers and selling products and services.

There is a big difference between a Facebook profile, which can be used by individuals, and a Facebook page, such as that of  Telemaco Firenze  which, as you can see, has a completely different structure.

Twitter Marketing

Twitter is a social network that has become extremely popular thanks to its simplicity and immediacy of use.

In terms of Social it is possible: tweet, retweet, mention, hashtag.

The number of Twitter users exceeds 500 million subscribers, with 288 million. Active users every month and 400 million tweets sent every day.

In Italy it is approaching 10 million members of which 35% are active; compared to other social networks, a significant percentage (about 64% of active users) access Twitter from mobile (about 2.2 million).

Each user has the ability to write short messages (no more than 140 characters) called tweets. That can be accompanied by images, videos or external links. But the real potential of the system lies in the hashtags or in keywords preceded by the # symbol that allow you to index. Your messages in the lists containing all the messages characterized by the same “archiving”. 

The interactions on Twitter take place passively, by sharing other people’s tweets on one’s profile page, with the possibility of labeling them through hashtags, thus creating hyperlinks for all messages that mention the same word (s).

It is an information platform and in this case it is very different from  Facebook , a social network dedicated to interactions between friends, in which the care of one’s profile and hashtags is essential for success. An example of a company page on Twitter is that of  Telemaco Firenze Web Agency .

Social Media Marketing: Instagram Marketing 

Instagram is a photo social network owned by  Facebook  that allows you to take pictures, comment on them and share them instantly via mobile even on other social media.

As with other social networks, you can comment on them and express your preference, an element that is essential to make your photos popular and therefore more visible to all users.

A little more than 3 years after its birth, the   Instagram site has experienced enormous popularity: today it has more than 150 million active users per month who publish about 40 million photos a day. You can save streaming animated videos through 4Anime.

Social Media Marketing: LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn is the largest professional social network in the world.

It mainly deals with networks of professional contacts in order to strengthen a brand, expand the business and exploit the network of knowledge and connections.

LinkedIn essentially works on four dimensions: visibility, network, reputation and competence.

It has around 187 million users in over 200 countries.

The  site, launched in 2003, currently has a total of registrations that advance at the rate of more than 2 members per second with the presence on the platform of over 2.6 million companies.

Therefore, if you want to promote a new product / service, increase the visibility of your company. It is look for new collaborators, LinkedIn provides a series of tools and resources useful to achieve your goals.

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