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Speaking Habits Which Make You Appear Smarter

In some regional areas of India there is a saying which means that due to the same mouth one can be respected a lot and due to the same mouth one can be insulted also. It all depends upon how we speak to the people. When one speaks to anyone then his or her tone is and voice pitch is as much important as the words he or she uses. Speaking is also an art which makes a person very valuable and respected in the society and if this same speaking ability. Students want to learn a lot of things and during this process they try various methods in order to learn and achieve their goals.

But all of the above neglect the most important training to have and that is the art of speaking. Speaking is that prior quality of a student that makes them achieve a lot in the learning process. These days students are learning through many advanced methods and enhancing their learning through a live video chat and through education apps like a mobile teacher app. Whenever students attend any live video chat, they use their ability to speak and their communication level with their mentor decides their success rate in a particular subject, that is why students can be seen using education apps like a mobile teacher app. Art of speaking includes many miraculous things such as your tone of speech and voice can explain many things without a single word uttering from the mouth. So, let’s understand speaking habits which make you appear smarter:

  • Most of the time no one cares that apart from his or her words which he or she is using, there is an important thing, which is called Tone. Just a high pitch of tone during the conversation can raise a dispute and in the same way a polite tone of speech can solve even bigger disputes. So, the smarter way to speak is to stay polite while speaking. 
  • One should have command over breathing and command over breathing doesn’t mean that one should start yoga only. This means one should understand the amount of air breathing in and exhaling so that he or she may understand the balance of psychological equilibrium which makes the orator speak the correct words and make correct statements.
  • One can represent himself/herself in many attractive characters but he or she will be mocked when he or she uses only the mouth to speak without using their brain. While speaking one should have a better connection between mind and mouth. This is so, because when we speak by thinking properly on the situations then this makes one to take proper decisions.
  • People need to understand the difference between professional and personal conversations and so we must change our tone of voice while speaking to our peer group and while speaking to a senior in work place because speaking in weak tone with friends worries them and one can’t speak in a high tone with a senior at workplace so one should always keep an eye on his or her tone of voice.
  • While speaking one should care about the vocabulary he or she is using because use of correct words can mend the situation and simultaneously use of wrong words can make the situation out of control. That is why elders have said that one should always think before speaking because when one’s mind is not under control while speaking and even one single word goes wrong then the whole situation can turn upside down.
  • While speaking one should never be self-centered and should always pay respect to others. This speaking habits helps an orator earn the respect of others and makes the other people also. Also, one should never talk using too many idioms and phrases because such use of idioms and phrases create confusion and the main motive of conversation can be lost during such usage of idioms and phrases.
  • There are several barriers of smooth and effective communication and smooth speaking for an orator such as stammering. Speaking with such disputes in conversation can confuse the listener and can create a situation of chaos. Sometimes external factors like temperature, external noise and interference from the audience also interrupts the conversation and without them a speaker can appear smarter while speaking.                                                                                                                                                                    

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