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Spirit And Our Body!

Our body is a wonder created by God, which science is engaged in understanding even today, and do not know how long it will continue to understand, but rarely science will know completely about our body. To understand this, it is necessary to know what our body is from spirituality. According to the scriptures, the body is not limited to what we are able to see with the eyes and there is much more to know, then let’s talk about spirituality and our own body and know some amazing things.

To understand our body, many things have to be understood that what is seen is physical. If you know about computers then you must have read the terms Hardware and Software.

Hardware is what we can touch, see, feel. and Software that we cannot touch but it has a big hand in running our computer. The computer cannot even run without software.


In the same way, God also made you Hardware i.e. your physical body, and Software i.e. soul. Now if we understand back in the language of computer, then with the help of only one software, which is called Operating System, we will be able to run the computer, but if it is to be used properly i.e. according to its uses, then we have to put different software in it. In the same way, our soul is the operating system of our body, but to run it, we need different software i.e. mind, knowledge, consciousness, meditation, etc. Now they understand this in the language of Vedas.

Kshiti Jal Pavak Gagan Sameera |

Pancharachit Ye Adham Sharira ||


Our physical body:

The physical body is that which is also mentioned in the Ramcharitmanas. Lord Shri Ram Chandra Ji has told that the physical body is made up of these five elements Kshiti (earth), Jal, Pavaka (fire), Gagan (sky), and Sameera (air). These five elements are also called five great elements. This body will one day merge with these five elements.

Nainam Chhindanti Shastrani Nainam Dahi Pavakah |

Neither Chanam Kledayantyapo nor Shosayati Marutah ||

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Adhyay 2, Verse 23, Shrimad Bhagavad

Our Inner Body:

The inner body is that which is mentioned by Lord Shri Krishna Ji in Shrimad Bhagavad. It is the inner body that determines the state of this physical body and the state of mind. By inner body I do not mean only soul, mind, intellect, consciousness, conscience all these are also necessary for inner mind and soul.

I will not tell you the knowledge of Gita here, I was telling you the difference between the inner and the physical body.

Our body and sense organs:

There are five sense organs in our physical body. Through which we get information about external subjects – form, taste, smell, touch, and word. I am talking about your eyes, nose, ears, tongue, and skin.

But do you know that we also have five sense organs? Hands, feet, mouth, anus, and penis They are used in the work of receiving, walking, speaking, defecation and procreation respectively. Apart from this, there are also four consciences. Mind, intellect, mind, and ego. Yes, I understand what name you are looking for, you are thinking about the sixth sense i.e. Sixth Sense, are you not?

The Sixth Sense:

The sixth sense is not visible. But its existence is felt. Many disciplines like Hypnotism are the wonders of the awakening of this sixth sense. Now you will think that I will also be able to do Hypnotism. Yes, you can do it but you have to work hard for it. It is as tough a job as its name.

If I get into their depth, then this topic cannot be finished, so I give this much information in the post “Spirituality and our body”. Thank you

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