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Stunning Kitchen Renovation Ideas That Will Spark up Any Space

The kitchen, as we all know it as the heart of the home, sometimes needs a little attention. Whether cooking for your own family or hosting an event at your house, your kitchen speaks volumes about your personality. It is always a great idea to make the space you might spend the most time in an epitome of style. 

To remodel your old dusty kitchen, there are several tile stores and luxury vinyl tile options in the market to gain inspiration from. Adding a new floor or gorgeous kitchen backsplashes might give it that wow factor you seek. Keeping in mind the correct design, you might be able to renovate your kitchen with the least hassle.

Kitchens as a Statement of Your Style 

A kitchen adds to the grace of a home. Without a kitchen, a house would feel empty and incomplete. Adding your personal touch while renovating your old kitchen might give you just the refreshed form of vibe you need. You can completely customize your kitchen with different backsplash tiles and flooring styles. The vendors can provide you with the appropriate products you need, and you can get them installed in no time to flaunt your flair. 

Kitchen Renovation Ideas to Amp up the Cooking Space 

There are many inspirations out in the market and the internet to inspire you to renovate your kitchen. We have a few ideas that might help you make your kitchen look like something out of a magazine. 

Plan a Layout 

The layout is the first thing you must consider while renovating your kitchen. You need to know

  • The theme of the kitchen 
  • The positioning of the cabinets and the appliances 
  • The colors, textures, and patterns you want 
  • The kind of material you want 
  • The flow of everything together 

Make a layout about which thing goes where and which design would suit your style, such as  

  • Industrial style kitchen 
  • Traditional kitchen 
  • Contemporary style kitchen 
  • Country inspired kitchen 

Planning a layout will help you speed up the renovating process and help articulate things according to plan. 

Get Some Statement Cabinets Installed

Cabinets may seem like the usual storage place, but in reality, they can make quite a statement if chosen correctly. You can choose your cabinets to suit your style, for example

  • Wooden cabinets give a traditional kitchen feel 
  • White cabinets help smaller areas look larger 
  • Dark-colored cabinets add a modern touch, etc. 

There are many available options in the market for this purpose. You can coordinate these with the theme of your kitchen to make a statement. 

Add Some Character With a Tile Backsplash

Usually, a backsplash tile is used to prevent splattering, grime, excess moisture, and speckles from cooking on your stoves. In a tad bit older kitchens, plain ceramic tiles protect the walls. But to renovate a kitchen, you may want to shop for tile backsplash with 

  • a pop of color 
  • a particular pattern like flowers, lines, or symmetric shapes
  • textured tiles 
  • clean quartz tiles 
  • colorful glass tiles 

All of these options add personality and customize your kitchen space.

Add a Cooking Hood

A ductless range hood might be a stylish option for your new kitchen. This type of hood is not only functional in circulating air but also adds that touch of modernism. Working with minimum electricity, a ductless hood adds grace and an excellent workability option to your kitchen. 

Add a Fancy Kitchen Island

A kitchen Island might not just add a chic look to your kitchen. It can also provide you with that extra space to work on. Countertops provide prepping space, but a kitchen island also works as a serving area. 

Kitchen islands improve space by opening up the kitchen more and increasing functionality. 

Install Intricate Metallic Hardware

Your statement cabinets and countertops are incomplete without a metallic hardware touch. Metallic hardware is always a good idea, no matter your kitchen’s style. Adding a stainless steel sink or faucet goes well with all sorts of countertop materials and colors. Stainless steel works the best against rust and moisture and adds to your home’s value. 

The Appropriate Flooring 

Adding a trendy floor is one of the most prominent aspects of remodeling your kitchen. Kitchen floors, whether cleaning supplies, hot drips spill, or wear and tear, go through a lot. You need to understand what kitchen floor is ideal for your home. 

  • Hardwood floors for a durable and soft feel 
  • Natural stone tile floors such as granite and marble, for longevity, a modern approach, and a comfortable feel 
  • Vinyl flooring for versatility and moisture protection. 

Add Mood Lighting 

To enhance the look of your kitchen, you need to install brightening lights that improve the area’s look. You can add lights inside your cabinets and under your kitchen island to create an ambient atmosphere for a pleasant dining and cooking experience. If the kitchen lights are bright enough, they will increase the aesthetic of the new materials you installed. 

Prioritize Storage and Functionality 

Always look for options that provide functionality. Utility improvisation would be beneficial in the longer run. Adding cabinets for storage and making small areas for utensils and cooking appliances is excellent for comfortable cooking. 

Make Those Countertops Count 

White marble has been the most extended sought-after countertop stone because of its durability. But It is hard to maintain. Quartz is a great new alternative for marble countertops. Quartz is heat-resistant and stain-resistance, which makes it low maintenance and access. Choosing a suitable countertop material is essential in maintaining the kitchen’s theme. 

Decorate Where Needed 

Placing little pieces of decorations like glass vases and rusted gold or silver pieces might add to the look of the whole kitchen. While renovating, you need to make sure which area requires pieces of decoration without making it look like clutter. Simplicity is mostly the best approach when adding accents to the kitchen. 


The kitchen is one of the spaces of your house that you most commonly use. This area must speak about your style. With changing times, there are many designer inspirations to revamp your kitchen. With different ceramic tiles and natural stone tile options in the market, you can remodel your space however you like. 

Choosing the proper theme is vital in renovating your kitchen. Removing the worn-off floors and adding new tiles might be a great option. Adding statement cabinets, tile backsplash, and ambient lighting might give your space the lift it needs. 

Practicality and storage should also be considered when renovating, as these are important in the long run. Finally, your renovated kitchen should reflect your taste and be easy to use. 


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