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Stylish Hairstyles That Look Amazing On Women With Round Faces!

Considering your face shape is very crucial for choosing flattering haircuts. Facial shape is one of the most important factors when it comes to hairstyles. Choosing a haircut that compliments your face shape will make a significant difference in your overall appearance.

The right haircut perfectly matched with your face shape will bring out your best facial features on display.

Many women with round faces believe their hairstyle options are limited, but it is not the case — there is a variety of stylish hairstyles they can rock; cute, gorgeous, flirty, simple, sophisticated, or any other desired style!

If you have a round face shape and a fear of exposing your big jaws, try one of these seventeen hairstyles. We assure you that your face will never appear round if you get a perfect hairstyle to suit you. Instead, these styles will help you draw attention to your beautiful eyes, cheekbones, and sexy lips!

The Flat Pixie Cut for Round Faces

Flat pixie haircuts are ideal for short hairstyles and round faces because they emphasize attractive facial features while achieving a sensual look. Your face will appear thinner with side-swept bangs and flat sideburns. This hairstyle is also perfect for fine-haired women. Use hairspray to keep your bangs and sideburns with jagged layers flat all day long.

Highlighted Hair for Round Faces

Highlighted Hair for Round Faces
Highlighted Hair for Round Faces
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Highlights on your hair entice others to admire and compliment your hair. They draw attention away from your jaws. The picture shows Priyanka Chopra sporting long highlighted hair, but the style works well with all hair lengths. You can try it on your short or medium hair. Add highlights at the brow level of your wavy fringe until the ends. Finally, wear red lipstick and give a gorgeous smile like her.

The Long Ponytail Hairstyle

Ponytails may seem uncanny for round faces, but for those bold women who are all about the natural look – yea, ponytails will do the trick. When you style it the right way, nobody will be looking at your round edges! Tie a long and thick ponytail, wave it up if you can, and bring it over your shoulder. You will look amazing!

Long Hair with Parted Bangs

Parting your hair bangs is the key to framing your round face shape. The simple parting technique can also be handy if you have a prominent forehead. Part your hair bangs at the center and bring the tresses down as far as possible. Bring your shoulder-length strands around the jaws to cover the round edges.

Swoopy Layered Hair

Swoopy Layered Hair
Swoopy Layered Hair
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Parting is a staple technique for women with a round face shape. Not just round faces, it is conducive for other face shapes like square and heart shapes. Parting and face-framing always go well together, which implies that the combination is perfect for concealing your round edges. Curl your hair into swoopy layers and then arrange them pointing towards your face to cover your chin and jaws. This method will disguise your round features and achieve a stylish look.

The Boyish Short Hair Look

Look at Ginnifer Goodwin’s haircut in the picture. If you observe well, your eyes will be all on her boyish yet sexy short pixie. You won’t even notice her round appearance. The best thing about the boyish pixie cut is that the style puts a lot of emphasis on jagged chunks of hair and ignores your round facial features. Get a clean short haircut and wear a shiny pair of hoop earrings to add femininity. It will balance the boyish look perfectly.

Side-Parted Lob with Inward-Curled Ends

Creating a defined side-parting will frame your face at eye level to achieve a slimmer look, and the mid-length ends will diminish your big jaws. Curl your ends inwards near the chin using a curling iron. Then bring the curled ends towards your face covering about an inch of your jaws; your face will appear oval and slim.

The Lob-Sided Wavy Hair

Women with round face shape prefer the lob-sided hairstyle for a volume- contrast created by the style. With voluminous locks on either side of your head, it achieves an edgy look.

Lob-sided cuts frame your round face making it appear oval. Flip your long hair bangs over your cheekbones to cover one side of your face, including the rounded edge. Then brush 70 percent of your hair to the same side to achieve a downward dragging look. The other side of your face will be exposed, but it is perfect! The exposed cheek appears chubby with the roundness, and the other side suppresses the round look, ultimately achieving a mysterious flirty look.

Feathery Layered Hair

Feathery layered hair combined with bangs is a remarkable deviation from your round forehead and prominent forehead. This hairstyle also works best for fine hair. Creating flicked strands at different heights achieves a sophisticated look and drives attention away from your face.

The Lob Cut with Curtain Bangs

For women with round faces, long hair with curtain bangs is the hairstyle to achieve a slimmer appearance. Without a doubt, curtain hair bangs are favorite for many, and they seem appropriate for round faces. Long hair bangs cascade from your cheeks, brushing off the rounded look.

The Parted A-line Bob

The A-line bob is an excellent haircut to amplify a woman’s look by concealing round features. It is simple to create a hairstyle for women with only three things to consider. First, visit a salon and get the A-line bob cut; second, create a center parting and, finally, wrap the ends around your face.

Blunt Bob and Blunt Bangs

The blunt bob cut with blunt bangs is fairly simple to replicate. You don’t even need to go to a hairdresser to pull off this fashionable hairstyle. Cut your hair into blunt edges using a pair of scissors. You can acquire virgin hair wigs that appear just like the one in the picture above. With virgin hair wigs, you may get this look in many colors.

Shaggy Layered Hair

Shaggy layers are ideal for achieving a not on point but rather a carefree, punk look. Let your shaggy layers cross over against each other and let some of them rub against your cheeks. Don’t worry about the strands going places; this style is meant to be this way. Instead, muss up the layers with your fingers until they look perfect together.

Flipped Fringe and Fishtail Braid

Flipped Fringe and Fishtail Braid
Flipped Fringe and Fishtail Braid

Flip your fringe to one side and let it cover your jaw. Then gather your hair from the back and weave them into a lovely big fishtail. Bring the fishtail over your shoulder. That’s all you need to do to replicate this style. If you are in a rush, leave the idea of a fishtail; simply flip your fringe and go!

Wavy Layered Hair

Wavy Layered Hair
Wavy Layered Hair

The layered pixie haircut is a suitable style for a woman with a round face and fine hair. Layers of cropped tresses achieve a clean, fresh, and super cute look for chubby faces.

Let’s admit that wavy hair rocks – also for a round face shape! Your hair; wave them up with a curler. Let the wavy layers caress your cheeks – bet your chubby face will ooze with cuteness!


We promised you a look that will help in disguising your round face! Hope you are convinced that these are promising hairstyles for you. We have funneled the best styles to help you, but try them if you are not convinced yet, and you will know. These hairstyles really work for round faces!

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