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Successful B2B startups in India


In India, e-commerce has seen extraordinary growth. The enormous population and strong internet penetration are two beneficial variables that have pushed this rise to inconceivable dimensions. Because of the internet’s development, B2B enterprises in India have a plethora of alternatives. It has granted online businesses opportunities to get off the ground and achieve new heights in a short time.

The key cause for the rise of B2B startups in India is thought to be the saturation of B2C market.

Let’s take a look at some of India’s most promising B2B firms


It’s came into existence to make trade easier for Indian SMEs. Udaan is a major B2B ecommerce platform. It enables merchants, retailers, manufacturers, and wholesalers to sell and procure items from a single location. Sellers and buyers can communicate with one another and complete transactions in minutes. Udaan is already a member of the prestigious Unicorn club. Aside from trading, Udaan assists its users by keeping them up to date on the current trends. It also provides them with AI-driven insights to help them succeed.


Another profitable B2B firm in India that has developed rapidly in recent years is InMobi. InMobi is a mobile marketing platform for businesses all around the world. Consumers love InMobi because it allows them to find new products and services on their cell phones. InMobi delivers appropriate recommendations to them on their mobile devices in a fun and non-intrusive way. InMobi has recently become a Unicorn company in India, with a valuation of over $1 billion.


Ninjacart is an Indian fresh produce supply chain startup that connects farmers directly with merchants, restaurants, and service providers. It does this through a network of over 1,200 warehouses and 200 collection centres. In less than 12 hours, Ninjacart’s supply chain is capable of moving veggies and fruits from farmers to merchants and enterprises. All this is possible due to in-house software that drives end-to-end operations.

Ninjacart is known to have a market capitalization of over $500 million. It delivers 1,400 tonnes of fresh produce every day to stores across Gurugram, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, and Chennai.


This is a new-age sales interaction platform founded by Yeshu Singh, Sandeep Singh, and Amit Mastud and backed by notable investors such as GSF Accelerator, Java Capital, and Powerhouse Ventures.

Upscale uses a variety of channels to automate sales outreach, including email, phone calls, LinkedIn, text messaging, and more. Their platform reduces mundane work, simplifies the sales outreach process, and provides an accessible tool for sales teams to meet targets without any issues. Upscale just completed a $250,000 pre-seed round, which it intends to use to expand its market reach and provide unrivalled automation to the B2B inside-sales industry.

Global Trade Plaza

Global Trade Plaza is a B2B marketplace in India that can address all your business problems at one place. It’s a B2B portal in India that lets sellers manage their accounts and orders, as well as set budgets and purchasing limits. Global Trade Plaza’s best feature is that it promotes safe worldwide business collaboration and transactions. In this B2B portal in India, you’ll find trusted sellers showcasing their products and services. Using this network, you may connect with buyers and distributors all around the world and expand your business overseas. It’s another website that caters to Indian exporters and small enterprises. It also enables you to build an online community that assists buyers in making more informed purchasing decisions and learning more about your items.


Delhivery has come a long way since its inception in 2011. The Gurugram-based company has emerged to become India’s largest delivery and supply chain company. Delhivery primarily serves e-commerce enterprises, with over 25,000 delivery partners and offices in 30 cities across India. They intend to expand their warehouses in the future to streamline and boost their operations. B2B startups in India Delhivery is India’s first unicorn logistics company.

Pine Labs

Pine Labs is a company that provides B2B financing and POS services. EMI, reward and discount programmes, loyalty programmes, dynamic currency conversion, and targeted marketing are just a few of their core offerings which were founded in 1998. Pine Labs has over 3700 locations across India, Malaysia, and other Asian countries. Its most recent invention is using Smartphones instead of traditional POS systems as ‘point of sale’ machines. They teamed up with Google last year to aid them to handle UPI payments.


Perpule offers a simple way to pay in retail businesses, allowing customers to skip long lines at the cash register. This Fintech platform, founded in 2015 by Abhinav Pathak, Yogesh Ghaturle, and Saketh BSV, is essentially a long queue-buster at busy retail establishments.

This Bangalore-based Fintech business has received funding from some of the industry’s top investors, including Prime Venture Partners, Venture Highway, and Kalahari Capital. Customers can use their mobile devices to scan barcodes printed on products and make payments online using Perpule.


This founded by Pramod Nair, Raghuram Talluri, Rakib Ahmed and Tanmoy Karmakar, provides a wide range of logistics services, including order fulfilment, first-mile, line-haul, and last-mile deliveries, third-party fulfilment, and modular logistics software solutions.

LoadShare is on a mission to enable and empower small and medium businesses with technology, domain expertise, and pan-India operations in order to provide best-in-class and top industry solutions.

Captain Fresh

The Captain Fresh, founded by Utham Gowda in 2019, is a B2B startups in India that uses technology to deliver in the industry’s shortest harvest-to-retail time.

Captain Fresh is improving the efficiency of India’s fresh fish and seafood supply chain by aggregating fragmented retail demand across the country and connecting it to local fishermen and farmers along the Indian coast.

The startup’s data-driven and deep-tech-driven platform power its supply chain, allowing farmers to earn more money and companies to provide clients with the freshest fish and shellfish possible.

A B2B marketplace for business products and services is a platform that uses business solutions to connect buyers and sellers across boundaries and time zones. B2B marketplaces in India, like online B2C platforms, make transactions simpler and more transparent, making it easier to choose the correct supplier. Global Trade Plaza, India’s leading B2B startups in India, features a list of well-known exporters and businesses.

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