SurgeTrader Review and Options for Funding Program

With six distinct account sizes, SurgeTrader offers its traders a one-step evaluation method. The SurgeTrader evaluation programme attempts to find serious traders and give them the tools they need to increase their trading activity’s profitability. Their consistency throughout the course of the one-phase evaluation period earns them rewards. You can trade with a leverage of up to 1:10 using the evaluation programme account.

To pass the assessment phase, a trader must hit their 10% profit target without going over their 4% daily loss or 5% trailing drawdown limits. There are no minimum or maximum trading day requirements for your evaluation account. The achievement of the profit target is the only prerequisite for funding.

When the evaluation process is through, you are given a financial account with no profit targets. Only the 4% maximum daily loss and 5% maximum trailing draw down criteria must be follow. If you are profitable on day one, you can ask for your first 75% profit split. The subsequent payouts, however, can be requested every 30 days.

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Account scaling plan for the evaluation program

A scaling strategy is also present in evaluation programme accounts. Based on your original account balance, you need to meet a 10% profit target. The scaling is limited to $500,000, and if you scale your account, you are not qualified for a profit share. However, accounts with a value of $500,000 and $1,000,000 lack a scaling strategy.

Program Account Rules for Evaluation

Before an evaluation phase can be finish, earnings can be withdraw, or an account may be scale, a trader must reach a certain percentage of profit, known as the profit target. The intend profit for evaluation programme is 10%. There are no profit targets for funds accounts.

  • The biggest loss a trader can experience each day without violating the account is referr to as the maximum daily loss. The daily loss cap for all account sizes is 4%.
  • The maximum drawdown that is equal to the gap between the highest account balance attain and the maximum drawdown is known as the maximum trailing drawdown. There is a 5% maximum trailing drawdown across all account sizes.
  • The term “stop-loss necessary” refers to the requirement that traders set a stop-loss on each position before initiating a trade.
  • Lot size limits impose strict lot sizes on traders for trading instruments. These are typically determine depending on the prop company account’s original account balance. A trader is only permit to have one open lot for every $10,000 in capital at any given moment, across all pairs.
  • No weekend holding refers to the traders’ inability to maintain open positions over the weekend.
  • For your evaluation programme accounts, add-on options
  • No stop-loss is necessary: When purchasing your evaluation account, there will be a 10% price increase.
  • 25% price increase when acquiring your evaluation account; twofold leverage (twice the leverage for currency pairings and metals).
  • 10% price increase when purchasing your evaluation account; 90% profit split.

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What distinguishes SurgeTrader from other prop firms?

The majority of the best prop trading firms in the market rarely regulate your trading style, unlike SurgeTrader, which also allows you to trade during news events and hold positions overnight without any minimum or maximum trading day requirements.

Surge trader review process is a one-phase evaluation process, in contrast to other prop firms, and traders must complete and meet a profit target to be eligible for rewards. The assessment program’s profit target is 10%, with restrictions on lot size, needed stop-loss, maximum daily loss of 4%, maximum trailing drawdown of 5%, and maximum daily loss of 5%. You don’t have a minimum or maximum number of trading days, on the other hand. There is a scaling plan for evaluation programme accounts as well (apart from the $500,000 and $1,000,000 accounts).

In conclusion, SurgeTrader is distinct from the majority of the leading prop corporations in the industry because it hardly ever regulates your trading style. You should aware that there is no minimum or maximum trading day period, which is a significant plus because it means you are not obligate to make deals.

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Is it feasible to obtain SurgeTrader capital?

It’s crucial to consider how realistic the trading requirements are when choosing the prop firms that are appropriate for you and your forex trading style. For instance, it sounds fantastic when a business offers a high percent profit split on a heavily funded account, but your odds of success drop to almost nothing if they anticipate high percent profits each month and low percent maximum drawdowns.

Receiving funds from the assessment programme accounts is feasible in large part because they have average maximum loss limits (4% maximum daily loss & 5% maximum trailing drawdown) with an average profit aim of 10%.

After taking all above into account, SurgeTrader is a great option for funding since the evaluation programme accounts you can select all have realistic trading goals to pursue and requirements for payments.

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