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Surrogacy In Georgia Roadmap!

Up to date, surrogacy helped numerous willing people in fulfilling their dream of having children as it is one of the most reliable tools available. Choosing a suitable surrogacy destination poses a significant issue for intended parents as they need to consider not only the cost of the program but also legal aspects.

There is no doubt that more and more IPs are choosing Georgia as a destination for their surrogacy program. But why it is so? Well, let’s discuss some points from Georgian legislation that make surrogacy in Georgia so popular.

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Surrogacy in Georgia Peculiarities

To start with, pursuant to the law, only gestational surrogacy is permitted in Georgia. What you need to know is that the surrogate mother – who has no biological relation to the child – has no legitimate claim to the child after giving birth. The law protects the IPs on that.

In Georgia, married heterosexual couples are not eligible to receive surrogacy services. That means that gay couples and single parents, unfortunately, have to seek other means and countries to become parents if they achieve the entire scope of legal protection.

On the Bright side,

Georgian surrogacy law pays significant attention to the selection of surrogate mothers. To qualify for the surrogacy program, a woman does not have to be between 21 and 41 years old and pass the relevant medical exams.

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So what does the law in Georgia say about the exit process?

As part of Georgia’s surrogacy laws, an order is issued before the procedure begins, so that the baby’s rights are transferred over to its parents. Prior to that, the parties, meaning the IPs and the surrogate mother, must also sign the surrogacy agreement-dailywold.

Things to Consider

As you can see,

Georgia has its own unique features in the surrogacy law, just like any other country, so please research wisely before selecting this or any other country for your surrogacy destination. There are still a few more obscure aspects of this process that may be confusing for you, but don’t forget that you can always contact a surrogacy agency like World Center of Baby to get their medical opinion on all the ups and downs of the process before you make your decision-dailywold.

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