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Swipe Card Systems

A swipe card system can be used to get maximum security. The swipe card system or door entry system can be installed on any door by locksmith London. Moreover, it helps the property owner take control of everything. The property owner would become capable of allowing and denying access to different parts of the property.

A user will only be able to access a restricted part after he has swiped his card. However, each card is unique and is programmed by the locksmith London according to the demands of the property owner. There are a lot of locations where the locksmith London has installed a swipe card system. Some of those locations are

  • Office buildings
  • Elevators
  • Hotels
  • Parking garages
  • Homes
  • Schools

Most businesses have now started adopting the swipe card system to secure their property. However, most of the companies prefer to get a keypad along with the swipe card system. It improves the overall security of the business. Most businesses use plastic cards or FOBs as swipe cards.

Individualized authorization is just a click away

The swipe card systems come with other software. A software that the locksmith London installs along with the swipe card system is security access control software. It enables the property owner to prepare customized cards. They can give authorization to employees so that they can access different parts of the building.

The software enables the property owner to control different identification cards as well as doors in the office. All the entry points of the building can be included in the software. Moreover, the software keeps track of everything. The software keeps generating data of people who had accessed the different parts of the building.

The software records the time when people accessed a part of the building and the time when they left that part of the building. Moreover, the software also counts the overall time that a person spent in one part of the building. This way the business owner gets an audit report without any trouble.

There are several filters included in the audit report. There is user-based data that shows the activities of the individuals working in the company. Then there is the entry point data that shows the data of entry points and how many times an entry point was used.

One of the major benefits of getting a swipe card system from locksmith London is that it removes the need for the keys. The employees of a company keep losing keys regularly. However, once a company gets a swipe card system, it doesn’t need the keys anymore. So it doesn’t need to make new keys or keep track of the keys.

Business benefits with swipe card security

Once a business gets a swipe card system it doesn’t need security guards. The business will remain functional with a reduced number of security guards. Moreover, it allows the business owners to control who has access to different parts and who doesn’t. Moreover, it enables the business owners to control the employees.

The business owner would be able to control access to secure parts of the property. Only authorized individuals would be able to access sensitive areas. Moreover, a combination of a swipe card and keypad will be incorporated for more security.

Swipe entry in the home

The usage of security card systems is increasing in residential neighborhoods. Several homeowners have started getting swipe card systems for their properties. It has enabled them to control the entry points in their homes. Moreover, it has removed the need for locks and door handles, so, they have been removed from the property. This way the swipe card system is improving home security.

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