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Embroidered workwear is now an integral part of the marketing mix. You can offer the best services in town, but if you don’t look the part, people may think you don’t have what they want. Take a picture of a mannequin (throughout the page) for example, chances are you already think this is a clean, fast and effective service provided by Mr. Mannequin… well… you know what it means!

Whether you’re located in Wrexham, Chester, Manchester, or actually anywhere else in the North West, you’ll find a quality local service at Sarah’s T Shirts Embroidery. Visiting our place from afar? No problem, we can take care of you too. As long as you are in the Canada or Ireland, we

would love to have you as our customer.

Not only do we care about embroidered logos and printed cards, we also like to do little for the poor and we are proud to partner with Macmillan Cancer Support.

At Sarah we aim to provide the highest quality logos and names, at affordable prices, with the highest level of customer service. All of our embellishments are finished on the inside, which allows us to have complete quality control over your clothes and means we can keep you fully informed throughout the process.

Custom Embroidered Shirts – Custom Polo Shirts

Great help with choosing to have your own embroidered clothes embellished with the professional look you make, making you great with work clothes, sportswear, school uniforms and usually wherever you want to be seen!

t-shirt embroidery also lasts a long time, so it’s good for work uniforms and sportswear where the garment can get a lot of use and wear making embroidered accessories a great way to use on your clothes, embroidered polo shirts are our biggest seller.

We decorate and print clothes for all types of events / clients in small, medium or large quantities. Our embroidered logos start at £ 1.20 per logo and our printed logos start at just 69p.

As well as decorating the left / right chest we also include embroidered sleeves, collars, pockets, back of clothes; Wherever you may like the logo we will do our best to find it. Looking for something more than your logo and branding? We can also embroider words or initials on clothes for less.

You can view our complete list of clothes and their prices under the clothing tab, making the order process easier for you. However, if you are not sure which one will best suit your needs we would be happy to offer some suggestions, so please feel free to contact us to discuss your needs.

What makes a good embroidered clothing company?

  • Quick and easy reasons to choose Sarah’s embroidery
  • Other than that we are amazing, of course.

We keep our job indoors. If you place an order with us you can be sure that it will actually be completed by us. This may sound strange but it doesn’t make sense for companies to pull out a little (or a lot) of their work, which means that your actual embroidery or screen printing can be done by someone else entirely. This can slow down the order of your order, add to the cost and give you different quality results. By keeping our work at home we are able to keep costs down and ensure the quality of your order on a regular basis.

We give you options. Sarah’s t shirts embroidery offers all the embellishments and screen printing allowing you to choose the best option for your needs. You won’t find us pushing you into the embroidered design if your heart is set on screen printing. Or vice versa (although we are here to give advice if you want).

We offer a lot of clothes.

There is no “equal size” for us — which is why we offer so many clothes to meet everyone’s needs. You won’t need to pay to get the best of the second. Or “enough”, if it’s not perfect so we’re not happy. So whether you’re looking for a custom polo with a pocket, hoody hood.

T-shirt in that perfect shade of green, we can help.

We will always be ahead of you. You won’t find us giving you a chance to run if you complain about your order. We know that no one wants to hear that they are being misled. Or lied to so we will keep you informed of the progress of your order. And when you can expect to receive it. If a problem arises with your order we will notify you immediately. And provide you with all your options on how to proceed.


While it is true that there may be dark days when work piles up and we feel depressed.  Most of the time we love what we do. Not only does it help our happiness but it also helps us to improve our work. We are strong believers that enjoying your work makes you better at it, so we love everything

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