Tajima embroidery machine can combine patterns differently; indication and stop lengths may vary even on their design, making the embroidery machine one of the most challenging types of sewing. The company is organizing successfully embroidered finishing patterns obtained over many years of production experience.

  • One Head Embroidery

Quality Resources, Training, Support system, and a clear growth path are all main points to consider. If you are a beginner, personal, or need a machine sample, Tajima offers a wide variety of embroidery machines that meet your requirements. Although small, these headboards make with the exact specifications and standards as Tajima’s high volume, multi-head production equipment, known worldwide.

  • 2 Head Embroidery

Fast production, consistent texture, high-quality design, and reduced set times make Tajima embroidery machines one of the most efficient and reliable decorating machines in the world today. TFMX-IIC and TMAR-KC offer complete adhesive adjustment of the whole embroidery digitising.

  • 4 Head Embroidery

Our TFMX-IIC and TMAR-KC 4 machines offer Tajima head designs to achieve the best embroidery effects. All models are present by LAN transmission for fast lightning design.

  • 6 Head Embroidery

Tajima 6 head models are TFMX-IIC and TMAR-KC. The model between the heads has 14 inches and has 19-inch spaces in the stretch model to make it easier to decorate large objects. 

  • 8 Head Embroidery

MAR-KC and TFMX-IIC look no further than the embroidered machines on Tajima’s head of 8 production machines that offer full functionality. Eight head ornament machines are not supported to handle small runs but help handle tasks of any size.

  • 12 Head Embroidery

High-volume operations require a high-volume embroidery machine. Tajima has more than 250 different models to file a complaint about any filing application. Tajima only offers various models, options, and attachments to use in your hardware store to suit your specific needs.

  • What is the Tajima format?

This format is a program that works on vector images. This format is a photograph that can use with embroidery. By standard conversion images such as JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) or GIF (Image Exchange Format) in vector images, The system allows the embroidery machine to work more efficiently successfully.

  • Where are Tajima’s embroidered machines made?

China was established in 2001 in Joying, Guangdong, since it manufactures “TAJIMA” machines in China. With TIL technical support and specialized knowledge, knock-floor equipment builds up according to the standard as the first product of “Tajima.”

  • How much does a Tajima embroider cost?

The new 6 Tajima head can cost you over $ 60,000, where there may be a new cost-effective embroidery machine far below half that price. An additional $ 30,000 may not make sense to small or large business owner companies. However, used Pajamas can purchase at cents a dollar.

  • Are Tajima’s embroidered machines good?

There is no doubt that the Tajima embroidery machine is considered one of the high-quality embroidered machines. If you are presently considering a commercial machine made with multiple needles, you will measure the Tajima embroidery machine quality.

  1. Strengthening basic performance
  2. Arm frame
  3. Strengthened tubular arm
  4. The newly designed arms make three times stronger than the standard type, reducing support for heavy objects such as jackets.
  5. Tightened rope locks
  6. The top lock of the cord tightens to firmly hold the cable to the fixed heads to avoid thread. Discarding and reduce sewing errors at the beginning of embroidery.
  7. Improved main shaft motor
  8. Improved torque of a large shaft has led to higher penetration, allowing for stable embedding even in thick materials such as leather.
  • Who made Tajima?

TMJ Design Corporation:

It started in 1909 as a metal law producer, TMJ Design Corporation (formerly Tajima Tool Corporation) largest manufacturer of hand tools in Japan’s world-class tools production facilities and owner of Tajima product of professional,

  • About Tajima Industries Co Ltd.

A leading manufacturer of embroidery digitising, established in Japan in 1944 and famous for developing a multi-head industrial machine made in 1964, Tajima owns more than 3,000 embroidered machines produced in more than 100 countries and regions. In the long-run history, the company gained a worldwide reputation for its different engineering technologies.

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