Tax Preparation: It’s Time To Expose The Truth

Are you hoping to get a big tax refund this year? You might be hoping for an oversized refund because you think you overpaid your taxes during the year. Any time I hear anyone talk about wanting to pay too much in taxes,

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it makes me very suspicious of their motives. Do they simply want to build up the coffers of the federal government even more than they already are? Or do they not understand that when you file a return on April 15th, what you’re really doing is declaring yourself a “Taxpayer”? Read this article by Invensis.

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What Is A Taxpayer?

A taxpayer is someone who willingly and voluntarily surrenders some of their income or property to the taxing authorities. You can NOT become a taxpayer by simply filing a return or paying what you think you owe.

That is not how it works. What happens on April 15th is that ” Taxpayers ” have a certain amount of time to file their returns and either pay the full tax they owe (or as much as they can afford). Or, if they want to dispute some aspect of the tax they’re supposed to pay, then they can file an appeal with the taxing authority which will almost always lead to them getting fined for fraud and/or be put in prison for tax evasion.

This process has been going on since 1692

(that’s 324 years ago!) when King William and Queen Mary created this fraud scheme known as taxation in order to fund their ongoing wars in Europe. But instead of going to war, the people sometimes find it more convenient to pay a certain percentage of whatever amount they make directly to their local government in order not to be assaulted by a bunch of angry men with guns and cages on wheels (police).

And from that point onwards, pretty much every single person who has been born into this world has been playing the role of “taxpayer” without even knowing what they were doing or why. In fact, most people don’t know that there’s any options at all when it comes to filing taxes. They assume that if they get a job and earn money, then their employer will take out taxes for them before paying them anything and so they won’t have to worry about it.

But that couldn’t be further from the truth. You see, just like every other type of social contract, taxation is a type of social contract and but it’s one that can be enforced on you even if you don’t consent to it.

And as such, it can also be broken away from if you withdraw your consent from it. There are two different ways to do this: by moving out of the territory where those taxes apply (secession) or by making a deal with alternative service providers (fiscal competition).

You actually already know all about seceding

because we all agreed to start paying income tax in 1913 and then we all again unanimously agreed to end that particular taxation scheme almost 50 years later in the mid-fifties.

And if our current taxation schemes are any indication, we can expect them to last another 50 years and then go away as well (I won’t hold my breath though).

What you probably don’t know

is that we can now start seceding whenever we want and they can’t stop us. Even better, we don’t even have to leave the territories where those taxes apply: instead, we can just trade with companies who agree to give us a 10 % discount on what we buy and then pay the remaining 90 % of the taxes directly to those alternative service providers.

This way they make no money from our transactions

(except by taxing us) and nobody has to lose their job as long as they agree to work for those same companies or they start their own business as an alternative provider.

If you do not wish them well as employees or as entrepreneurs, feel free not to hire them – but if they are good at their job, you won’t regret having them in your team; and if they wish to start their own business one day , we can be certain they will do a good job then as well.

While I might sound like a socialist here

it is the capitalists who want that anyway: after all, they don’t typically work for free just because they are capitalists. All this is about is getting rid of the artificial obstacles that prevent us from doing what we would otherwise naturally pick: either working for ourselves or working with others who share our values and interests.

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