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The 7 Elements Of A Smashing Pre-Launch Of Mobile App

Launching a mobile app in 2022 is a whole new game because over the last decade a lot has changed. More and more users interact with apps on their smartphones instead of computers or laptops. You cannot have just one version of your app online, every device, whether it is a tablet, computer system, or smartphone requires a different version. Many other factors need to be taken care of and if you want to know how to launch an app in 2022, here are seven things that you need to keep in mind. 


Firstly, your application needs a website. Yes, a lot of users are only viewing your business via smartphone applications but there are times when we take a break from work and explore an online shopping business on our computer systems or laptops. This is not just relevant to eCommerce but many other industries because users can use any device to interact with your business. So creating a website for your application is essential, even today, as smartphone users outnumber people who prefer using a laptop or computer system. 

Logo & Slogan 

A logo is the face of your brand and it needs to be memorable, striking, and a creative expression of what you do. No matter what your application’s target audience is, you need to make sure that the logo projects not just your brand’s identity but your vision. The slogan should also be carefully crafted in sync with your brand’s identity and target audience. Do make sure that both the logo and slogan are also relevant to your consumer market and ongoing trends. 

Sign-Up Section 

You don’t just win the app launch battle if users click and download, they need to sign up. You need users to run your business and this can only be achieved with a very interesting and relevant sign-up form. This is the first section a user opens post downloading your app, so it needs to be perfectly written and designed. However, do not go over the top while designing this section and make sure that the look and feel match the overall design, theme, and colors. 

Social Handles 

Your users are online and they would want to interact with your official social media accounts. Even if you did digital marketing right and on the first day of launch, you have billions of downloads, not adding your social account links to the application can be a setback. It is one of the most important mobile app pre-launch steps and ignoring it can be a big mistake. Social media handles are more than just a marketing or lead generation platform, they are the most effective medium of communication. When used correctly, these handles can also facilitate frequent interaction with existing customers, which leads to more credibility and brand loyalty. 

About Us 

It’s not a website but your users want to read about what you do and where you’re located. Information like this can enhance your credibility. This is often one of the most ignored mobile app pre-launch steps, the reason being the fact that businesses don’t understand how impactful it can be. Say an X app sells handcrafted jewelry but the users never get to know that the artists belong to one of the most beautiful ruler areas of India. This is a piece of information that can earn you a lot of respect because you are helping small artists lead a more rewarding life. Even with a small effort, you are initiating the development of a part of the world often overlooked by wealthy nations. People will not just appreciate this effort but you will also be rewarded with a boost in profits. 

Contact Form 

What if you visit someone’s home and cannot interact with them? Wouldn’t it be weird? This is what your users will feel once they open your application and cannot find a contact form. This is not one of the biggest mobile app pre-launch steps but it is essential. You need to convince every user who downloads your app that you are here to listen. A well-designed and worded contact form can do the magic, it will be a direct source of communication between you and your audience. 


Your testimonials are an unending resource to nurture your credibility. The market is extremely uncertain and every consumer looks for a credible business. Modern consumers and app users are much more educated and informed about how to judge a brand’s credibility. This is the reason why posting testimonials on both your app and website is extremely essential. 

You can hire a dedicated mobile app developer from India or any other country and bring the finest writers and creators on board. However, if you don’t keep these elements in mind before launching your app in the market, the chances of making it a success are pretty low. You need to brainstorm a lot about how to launch an app in 2022 but by just keeping the above elements in mind, you can make your mobile application a huge triumph. 

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