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The 9 Superlative Hot Tubs for Your Outside Backyards

Backyards remain an ideal space for families to relax and let off steam.

Hot tubs also double as pools, spas and gyms, movie theatres with water parks, bars and restaurants. Hot tubs make a great feature to your outdoor space – one that is able to be used all year round, you can’t be wrong with the hot tub. While you can choose an inflatable hot tub however, a more permanent one will stand up to the elements and provide features that can take your soak to the highest level.

You can choose an affordable, basic model or are looking to splash out on something more expensive We’ve got the most popular choices for the top hot tubs available now, along with shopping tips and suggestions.

Best Hot Tubs: 

  • Editor’s Choice: Aqua Rest Spas Daydream 6-Person Hot Tub
  • Most Affordable: Aqua Rest Spas Elite 6-Person Hot Tub
  • The Splurge: Essential Spas Endeavor 6-Person Hot Tub
  • Four People: Aqua Rest Spas Select Hot Tub
  • Five People: Aqua Rest Spas Graystone Elite Hot Tub
  • For Six People: Sol 72 Abramson Hot Tub
  • For Seven People: American Spas Hot Tub
  • Best Large Hot Tub: Futura Spas Hot 8-Person Hot Tub
  • Best Small Hot Tub: Aqua Rest Spas Premium 2-Person Hot Tub

What to Consider

The first choice to make is whether you’d like either a plug-and play or a standard hot tub. Plus, they’re available more readily on the internet.

Standard hot tubs are more expensive constructed of acrylic, usually with UV-resistant side panels They are also more difficult to set up, which requires advance planning. It is also possible upgrading to 220 V. In the case of your particular setup the plug-and-play hot tub may be the only choice.

The next step is to consider the number of people who regularly utilize the hot tub and if it’s intended reserved for only adults or a gathering for the whole family. If you have space, think about sizing it up. Four-person and six-person hot tubs are very popular sizes. If children will use in the spa, be sure to check these safety guidelines for kids. Think about the depth of the seat and the general configuration of lounge seats, or both.

Sometimes known as Ozonates: 

The amount of jets available can be misleading and more jets aren’t always more efficient. Keep the number of jets in mind, however you should also examine the size and position that the jets are placed. Ozone purification and water filtration systems (sometimes known as Ozonates) are essential.

The majority come with both and also locked covers that are insulated and approved through the American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM). In general, the steps for hot tubs are available separately, however some covers for hot tubs are also included.

Beyond this, it’s about deciding on the best features and accessories based on your budget, for example, multi-color LED lighting waterfalls, padded headrests or even integrated Bluetooth speakers. In general, hot tub steps are available separately.

How We Chose: 

Our extensive study and selection process consisted of using expert sources, like Wire cutter, to help us make our decisions as well as combing through user comments to get enthusiastic reviews as well as frequent complaints. 

Also as capacity is among the most crucial aspects, we provide hot tubs that range in sizes, ranging from two-person to eight-person. Hot tubs are equipped with an extensive list of essential and desirable features that we took into consideration and then weighed their value against the price. We also select the best features of each hot tub we review.


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