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The A – Z Guide Of Merritt Cab Rack

If you are a truck owner then customizing your truck can be very difficult and tricky. The reasons are the amount of extensive research it takes for you to decide whether the items you are producing are a requirement or a want. In this blog, we will be discussing everything you would want to know about Merritt Can rack. For those of you who do not know, Merritt Aluminum products are popular for their quality and durability. As truck drivers, you will hit the road with more confidence if you have the brand Merritt added to your vehicle. Merritt offers two major kinds of cab racks for trucks, Base-Unite truck cab rack and Cabinet cab rack for your Semi-truck.

Let’s have a look at them individually

Base Unit Merritt Cab Rack

The base unit Merritt cab rack for your truck is designed with the latest technology that will allow the exhaust systems to easily function effortlessly. This model includes the Dyna-Tube Extension which happens to be an aerodynamic radius shape for reduced weight. This will lighten your weight through this sleek and lightweight design. The modern design is not only allowing easy mounting but also extreme durability every time you are stepping out with your truck on the road. The functional foot assembly of around 4inches allows more clearance thus allowing you more space.

The Merritt base-unit cab rack comes with a new feature known as the T-beam extrusion. This feature by Merritt is allowing the T-beam profile to get decreased by an inch which again allows more swing room. If your own a semi-truck then the T beam feature will allow more T bean clearance in the swing room thus enabling better navigational needs in your vehicle.

The 5-inch upright feature is also enabling lesser mounting space in your semi-truck and is again making installation, maintenance, and accessibility of the cab rack extremely easy. The base unit cab rack from Merritt happens to be a great storage option for trucks and ensures that all your essential and valuable items remain safe. In addition to that, it also keeps your essentials secure from weather-related damages as the cab racks are weather including water-resistant.

For people who want enclosure options when it comes to choosing cab racks for their semi-truck, they will be happy to know that these base unite cab racks by Merritt come in three enclosure options. One-door, two-door, and even three-door enclosure options are available in this Merritt cab rack for you to choose from. For more organization, there are chain hangers and internal shelves added to the cab racks making your semi-truck more organized.

Cabinet Cab racks by Merritt for your Semi-truck

If you are looking for heavy-duty cab racks by Merritt then cabinet Cab racks by the brand will intrigue you. Keeping in mind to provide the truck drivers with large storage and smooth doors, this cab rack is particularly liked by professional truck drivers and tool enthusiasts. The large storage space ensures that all your belongings including tools and equipment are secure and dry. The majority of truck drivers find the break-off tabs extremely appealing as the foot of the rack fits every standard frame width.

The merit cab rack comes with three door enclosure allowing extra space room along with easy accessibility and plenty of room for you to organize your belongings. In addition to that like the base-unit cab rack, the cabinet cab rack also comes with chain hangers and a full-width top shelf. There is also a side door option that allows side accessibility every time you need any of your belongings fast. The installation process of the cabinet cab rack is extremely smooth and hassle-free.

Dyna Drom Merritt Cab Rack

Last but not the least, for minimum storage space and durability, the Dyna from cab rack by Merritt is also in the market for truck drivers to check out. This cab rack doesn’t have many exciting facts other than the enclosure options and security features it provides.


Now that you are aware of both kinds of Merritt Cab Rack, it is easier for you to make a decision based on your preference and need. You could also avail the Dyna Drom cab rack if you want for your semi-truck. Make sure to access your semi-truck before making any decision. Merritt is known to make the best truck accessories that professional truck drivers and tool lovers are purchasing to make more room for their valuable equipment and tools.

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