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The downside of solar panels for general users

Nowadays solar panels are getting higher in demand because everyone is demanding them. Where a solar panel has benefits it has disadvantages also. But here need to understand that in this world everything has two sides. Kalabalığı fazla olan bu semtte gaziosmanpaşa escort kadınları bakımına özen gösteren seksilerdir. This is our job to understand and choose which thing is best for us.

We all know that solar panels are becoming essential for developing countries. Because in that kind of countries electricity is not available properly. Due to which economy getting down day by day. So, for that kind of country, the solar panel is like hope.

The good knowledge of both sides gives us an idea. About the product either in the current situation its is beneficial or not. Furthermore, details on the other hand create confusion as well. So, in that situation decision-making is not easy for the selection of the best option.

Whereas solar panels have big benefits and good feedback in the same area also have many downsides. That need to understand also because before taking any product for commercial use or personal use. Must need to know all sides of it for better usage.

The following are the key areas which is an actual downside of the solar panel, which need to be understood clearly.

1. Panels need big space

For a better output from the solar panels must need to fix them in the big space. As solar panels need big space for the installation, short places do not meet the standard requirements. The big space needs more open places which need to be own for longer use. More space means a big investment of the funds.

2. Sunlight is always not available

As sunlight is the main and core requirement of the solar panels, without sunlight they can’t perform. As it is the main input material for this to process out electricity. Without sunlight, solar panels can’t work as the panels’ technology totally based on thermal light. That can be available with the sunlight only.

That location where mostly cloudy or winter weather solar panels do not perform well. Because the combination of light and heat is not available for them. So, this is a big pause for the solar panels.

3. Energy is inefficient

As per the research, current technology can transmit twenty-two percent of the electricity from panels to devices. The rest of the power now are unable to protect and convert that process shows a limitation in transformation. That conversion is not up to the mark and is very less productive even in full time in sunlight.

4. Insufficient for longer use

The storage energy from solar panels stored in batteries is not much sufficient for longer use. That means if solar panels take approximately ten hours to charge, they will not give you ten hours of power. They will give approximately twenty-five percent of the input duration. That is limited power backup and not much longer to use.

5. Location matching with sunlight availability

With the solar panel, two things at the same time matter a lot. First, need to search for big and long space. the second at that space must have a proper duration of sunlight. Both things at the same time matching are very hard we can say that near to impossible.

The worse situation is when the cost of that land is not within budget because sometimes landlords take advantage of it.

6. Indirect Pollution involves not fully green

The preparation of the solar panel is not environmentally friendly. Further the other components which use in it also not environment friendly. Like batteries, wires are too dangerous material when made and when they decompose.

7. Storge of energy is expensive

If you want good storage you need to reduce your pocket size. This means that you need to increase the panels and batteries. Further need to buy more land area near your location after that you can gain more power backup. But that arrangement is a very big expense for the individuals and not easy to do. 

8. Limited storage time

The solar panels work only in the daytime. At night time with dark sky or with the moonlight they not work. So, whatever the day duration available in your location it will work only at that time. Higher the sun time means more power storage time but sun time is not twenty-four hours. So, this is a big limitation for this.

9. Big cost of setup

The overall cost of a solar setup is too expensive because it needs so many things to buy and fix. As it is a one-time investment for the setup but this one time is not easy for everyone. This big cost is not affordable for every individual. Many small and hidden factor also increase it cost which normally not calculated in the planning phase.

10. Panels weight can damage roof

Many people take risks to install solar panels in their roof area due to the place issue. But that is not a good solution because it has been observed. Solar panel’s regular weight on roof damage it badly. The weight of the good quality solar panels is quite heavy and when a number of solar installs so definitely the weight increase more. 

11. Not workable at night

The night work of the solar panel is still in laboratories but not on real ground. It can work in day time only so where ever the location must need to have the proper sunlight. As with sunlight, it will only work. Moonlight or dark areas are useless for this.

12. Movement of panels is not easy

Solar panels setup is not portable like generators if the setup is big. A small solar penal setup can be movable but big is not portable. Once you install the setup means your all investment is put on the ground. Movement of this will be too expensive and impossible.

13. Not for all locations

As solar panels are not made for all locations, most companies do not inform about its limitation. That’s why they use of good companies like @JNA is always better. Because they will inform you all things in starting very clearly so you can make a better decision.

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