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The Finest Beaches In Virginia You Need To Visit In 2021

If you want to take a surf lesson or attend a surf camp, Beaches chances are you’ll end up here.

Virginia doesn’t have a tremendous measure of coastline (just 112 miles), yet what we have in the state is loaded with perfect seashores and huge loads of activities. 

Most sit along the Atlantic Ocean, yet we are posting Chesapeake Bay seashores and a couple of different choices relying on your inclinations! 


Sandbridge is effectively one of the most well-known seashores in Virginia among local people, yet it doesn’t draw in the consideration of outsiders or tourists. 

It is very far away, and the sandy seashores, henceforth the name, add to its allure. It is situated on the Currituck Banks Peninsula, south of the primary drag in Virginia Beaches, and on one side of the landmass you can see the Atlantic Ocean, and on the other, you will see the Back Bay Wildlife Refuge and False Cape State Park (which we will refer to later in this post). We do!) 

The seashore is about 4.5 miles long and on the south side of Sandbridge, you’ll discover Little Island Park, an extraordinary spot to visit for solo voyagers or individuals going with their families. 

There are lifeguards on certain pieces of the seashore and you’ll discover four stands at Market Place Beaches and ten stands at Little Island Beaches. Lifeguards are on the stand most days during the summers (9:30 am to 6 pm). 

There are no lodgings in Sandbridge, just seashore rentals and townhouses. 

Virginia Beach 

Everybody thinks about Virginia Beach so it is certainly the most well-known seashore in Virginia to be on this rundown (and overall). Virginia Beaches gets 19 million guests yearly, which is more than Miami Beach and practically equivalent to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. 

What does this number mean? The seashore is stuffed! Also, by and large, there are plenty of activities in Virginia Beach. 

There are eateries, amusement parks, and more you can envision. 

Besides, there are numerous reasonable Virginia Beach condo rentals you can remain in! 

Assateague Island National Seashore 

On the off chance that somebody asked me what my most loved spots in Virginia are, Assateague Island would effectively make the best five (or top three). Regardless of this being the last spot I got a speeding ticket, it is a truly excellent seashore and untamed life region and it has the right to get every one of the visits to say the very least. 

Assateague Island is a 37-mile obstruction island that is quiet in Virginia and halfway in Maryland. 

The most renowned spot on Assateague is the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge, which is probably the best fascination in Chincoteague and known for its wild ponies and a mile of white, sandy seashores and delightful excursion rentals. 

Notwithstanding wild ponies and flawless East Coast seashores, you can likewise visit Assateague Lighthouse, one of the most delightful beacons in Virginia. 

Likewise, don’t limit the region as an untamed life cover for creatures other than ponies! All through swamps, rivers, and rivulets, you’ll find bald eagles, seabirds, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. It truly is a little window into paradise in Virginia! 

Assateague Island is additionally one of Virginia’s stunning public parks. 

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First Landing State Park 

The most visited state park in Virginia is in all honesty First Landing State Park, where the primary English pilgrims arrived on North American soil. 

You can go to First Landing State Park and simply stroll around the seashore assuming you need to. 

In this way, First Landing’s Beach is a Chesapeake Bay seashore, yet it’s directly over the Atlantic and North End Beach is so near First Landing State Park that I chose to show it under ‘Atlantic Beach’. 

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