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The Growing Significance of Product Photography for E-commerce Websites

We live in a world where there is a massive change in the way people shop. Today, nearly every person owns and uses a smartphone and has easy internet access. Most people look to shop online as it gives them luxury and convenience to order anything from their home. 

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic further increased the importance of online shopping. Recent studies show that more than 50% of people prefer to browse and order things online rather than brick-and-mortar stores. The market size of e-commerce is currently $430 billion and is going to expand and double in size. 

Seeing the massive shift in buying dynamics, it’s imperative for e-commerce websites and online stores to advertise the products in an alluring way. It is quite clear that people usually base their purchasing decisions on how well a product looks online. 

For example, a person needs to buy a traveling bag for his upcoming trip. He will search for bags online and get multiple results and open the top-ranked ones first. It is common that he will find many reasonable options but only pick the attractive one and fulfill the requirement. 

The Importance of Product Photography 

A beautiful and vibrant image of a product is bound to attract the attention of many potential customers. Even if a company is selling quality products but not presenting them clearly, customers will be apprehensive about buying their products. 

Today, people have so many options that they can easily reject one and go for the next. However, smart product photography can make a difference. Customers are always looking for quality and value for money before they decide to buy a product. If you run an online store or e-commerce website, then product shot photography pricing is essential. 

The term ‘product photography’ means using the best techniques to capture an image of products and present them on the website. High-quality and enchanting product photography can increase conversions to sales significantly. There are many freelance expert photographers and even a few professional companies that offer product photography services. 

The Essential Factors to Consider in Product Photography 

The ongoing price of an online product photo displayed on an e-commerce store is $20 to $30 per photo. If a complete photoshoot of the products is needed, the cost is $500 to $1000. The total cost depends on the background, the total number of photos, and the use of artificial light sources. 

The vital factors that a skillful photographer considers while taking and displaying product images online are

  • Using a clean and consistent background, preferably white

One important aspect of professional photography is consistency. For your snaps, you can take any background as the pictures are candid. However, it would be best if you had the consistency to make your business look professional and articulate for your website or online store. Most business companies usually prefer white background, and some choose a black one to display the products.

The choice of background depends on the color palette of the products to be photographed and displayed. One of the main reasons for a solid color background is to enhance the features of the products and make them focus on the potential audience. A photographer may use the sweep to improve the positioning and alignment of the product. 

  • Avoid taking pictures by hand and using a tripod for consistency and accuracy

An e-commerce website includes a variety of products, and you need every product image to stand out. You need every product to appear aesthetically pleasing that may compel customers to make a buying decision. A photographer mostly uses a tripod to ensure there is consistency in every picture he takes. As there are numerous products, a photographer may tire out holding the camera for a long time. 

Using a tripod makes everything easy, but every photo is taken at the correct angle and same position. A tripod also helps to secure the camera and make the photographer multitask and check other important details. 

  • Choosing natural and artificial light according to the product and setting

Two of the key aspects while taking pictures are the inclusion of natural or artificial light. Natural light refers to sunlight, while light from lamps, bulbs, torches, or light-emitting diodes is artificial light. 

The choice of natural or artificial light depends on the products. For example, if you are selling a lawnmower or garden hose, you need to picture it outside in the sunlight. On the other hand, if you are selling a sofa set or interior tables, you need artificial light. The use of natural light softens the image of the product, while the use of artificial light sharpens the image. 

  • Ensuring that all the product details are captured

The option of shopping online gives one the luxury to browse and order anything online. However, many people still feel skeptical about ordering particular things online. For example, a person may be comfortable ordering a beautiful lamp or bookshelf online, but he will be uncertain about ordering an expensive shirt. 

Online shopping limits the customers to only visually see products and not physically feel them. However, there are many advancements, and now one can easily use zoom-in options to view every detail of the product closely. The e-commerce website also displays a product from various angles. 

As a business owner, it is your wish to fulfill the need and want of potential customers and ensure that they make a buying decision. Employing the services of a professional photographer can ensure that customers get full value for their money. The target audience will only buy products if all the details are displayed clearly and efficiently. 

  • Taking a variety of images and then selecting the best ones

It is quite common that an expert photographer takes dozens of pictures and selects the best ones for his album or portfolio. For product photography, it is necessary to take multiple images at once rather than again setting up equipment to take pictures. product shot photography pricing

Customers today want high-quality images and a variety of pictures of the product that can convince them to buy that product. Not showing complete details of the product and if the product arriving at the customer is faulty can negatively impact your business.


In this modern and competitive age, brands are competing with each other not only on physical sales but attracting potential customers. Businesses can only sustain and achieve success if they convince existing and potential customers of the quality of their products. Employing product photography services can help a brand display the products in an alluring manner and compel customers to product shot photography pricing  make a purchasing decision. 

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