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The Multipurpose Uses of LED Lights Identified

Magik LED Lights

LED Lights are basically semiconductor rods that can discharge light when we pass an electric current through them. The process through which LEDs emit light is called electroluminescence.

In 1968, Hewlett-Packard (HP), in association with Monsanto Company, produced the first-ever LED display by HP and LED indicator lamp by Monsanto. Although before 1968, one can say LEDs were very costly with no apparent practical use. Over the course of time, different coloured LEDs were discovered and marketed, such as blue LEDs by Stanford University.

Over the course of time, LEDs started to be used for more practical purposes other than as indicators. They were also available in different lights such as blue and green.

Advantages of LED lights:

  • Long span of life:

As the LEDs do not work in traditional ways, it takes longer for them to disappear. They never completely burn out. It is more likely that LED Bulbs will start providing less light over the course of time than burn out and stop.

  • Easy handling:

As most of the light-producing elements have some essence of mercury, these elements need special handling, or they can harm the environment. But such is not the case with LED lights.

  • LEDs emit light in one direction:

As they aim to produce light in one direction, the chances of reflection and diffusion escape the bulb. As a result, we can get more instantaneous and brighter results when using these lights.

There are various applications of LED lights. Some of them are mentioned below:

  1. Use as a backlight

LEDs are often used as backlighting for tv and smartphones. There are various advantages of using LED as a backlight. This will give uniformity throughout the screen as well as provide a screen without any flickering. They also have less voltage consumption which can lead to a long span of usage with less electricity bill.  It provides an excellent user-friendly screen, be it a smartphone or tv screen.

  1. Used in Aircraft and drones

LEDs are vibration resistant in nature which makes them ideal for use in aircraft. These lights release minimum heat with their long-lasting continuous operation. It is like a one-time investment. LED lights, in most cases, are not much affected by on/off cycles which can be an added bonus.

  1. Traffic signals and Burglar alarms systems

LED lights respond faster than any normal halogen bulb, which can be very effective in reducing traffic accidents. As LED lights have an extensive lifespan, they can very easily be considered an effective solution to use in traffic lights as chances of burnout are no longer applicable. This can also reduce the cost of operation and maintenance effectively. The energy cost will also decrease significantly with the use of LED lights instead of traditional halogen lights.

  1. The automobiles industry also favors LED Lights

Automotives also favor using LED bulbs in the front and rear end of vehicles for better uniform light as well as longer usage. Using these bulbs will not only save energy but also provide various modes in which these bulbs can be used in vehicles like on, off, or dimmed. Sometimes vehicles are forced to use dimmed lights, during which if these vehicles have LED bulbs, then they can still get uniform visibility and a high coverage range. This will help both the person driving the vehicle as well as the pedestrians.

  1. LED Bulbs

As opposed to halogen bulbs, LED bulbs have multiple advantages, such as long-duration usage and efficient usage, and LED bulbs are also environmentally friendly. Not only this, LED bulbs do not require more voltage or anything to function in cold weather. As LED bulbs produce uniform light, this helps them in being more efficient by at least 5% in cold weather. For this reason, we often see LED lighting in freezers, parking lots, and refrigerators.

LED lights provide a lot of benefits over traditional bulbs and can be considered the future of lighting. These lights are being used as decorative lights as well as in aircraft. LED lights are being used everywhere in today’s times, be it in the automobile industry or the aircraft industry.


These above-mentioned are the advantages and usage and one of the reasons that LED lights are becoming popular every day.

As per the current status, if this trend of switching to LED lights keeps going, then by 2027, we would be able to save approximately 348 terawatt/hour of energy. This can save a whole lot of energy. With these advantages, it seems LEDs are being used by every business to decrease maintenance costs in the long run.

Hopefully, this article helped you in gaining more insights into the working of LED lights.

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