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The Truth About Chiropractic Care

Do you have pain? It’s not just in your head. Cracked bones, pulled muscles, and sore joints are all too common for people who deal with persistent discomfort on a day-to-day basis. Luckily there is help! Chiropractic treatment may assist with this type of ache by moving the body into better positions so it can function more effectively – which will improve things like sleep quality or self-esteem as well since movement becomes easier when our bodies move through their natural channels without restrictions caused by bad posture habits that only lead one downward spiral until they see a chiropractor once again…or something close enough anyway.


Doctors in the past would strap you down and pull on your back to mend it, but now there’s a new solution that doesn’t require any straps at all! Simply sit with arms over supports while leaning backward. This differs from other pieces of equipment because it allows side-to-side bending under traction rather than just straight tension alone. Rather than taking longer for recovery like before when people had their entire bodyweight bearing down onto one area or another until they got better this technique speeds things up by allowing more movement between stretches which helps joints recover much quicker!

Neck Pain

Dr. Maass’s team of chiropractors is the best in town! If you’re suffering from neck discomfort or back pain, give them a call at Motus Chiropractic today for an adjustment that will take all your woes away once and for good!

Weight Loss

We utilize Low-Level Light Therapy (LLLT) as a technology. This is the same bright light energy that was used for wound healing in space and on Earth, so it’s perfect to use here! The ContourLight originally came out of NASA research where they discovered some patients experienced an adverse side effect – losing fat/inches due to their cells functioning more efficiently when exposed or given exercises by LLLT therapy lamps like ours at Motus Chiropractic in Yukon Oklahoma.


As a chiropractor in Yukon OK, we believe you were not only created to thrive in this world but succeed there as well. Pain and sickness are neither normal nor acceptable; it’s time for action! With our help (and that of your family) together with training from the best medical professionals around), I’m sure they’ll be on their way back into greater health by correcting any imbalances within yourself first via restoring movement at joints where muscles meet bones like low back pain. There may or may not need anything additional done if things feel good after muscle testing has been completed though.

Humans are thought to be destined for more than simply surviving, coping with their problems, and settling into the status quo. Chiropractic is a safe haven where people can go when all else fails them; first correcting muscular movement disorders through technology then neurologically treating what’s leftover as needed.

The goal of our chiropractor isn’t just any old back adjustment – it’s also about rehabilitation!

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