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The Ultimate Buying Guide To Larimar Jewelry

Larimar adds uniqueness to your jewelry collection. And when it comes to rare gemstones like larimar, it makes the jewelry more special. Also known as the Caribbean stone, it occurs in the shades of an ocean. It has white streaks, and then there are the rare ones with a darker blue shade and translucent segments. As a result, Larimar jewelry looks attractive and stunning.

It was discovered in 1974 by Peace Corps member Norman Rilling and a Dominicain man named Miguel Mendez. The gemstone was then named on Dominican man’s daughter Larissa and the term ‘mar,’ which means Sea. It has the qualities of fire as well as water energies in a perfect balance. Its association with water comes from its blue and aquamarine color, while the fire connotation comes from its volcanic origin. It is formed in volcanic rocks in the shape of needles.

If you are planning to buy Larimar jewelry, here are some points you would want to consider:

Clarity: The gemstone is generally opaque in appearance. However, some translucent varieties are also available. It has a silky and smooth luster.

Cut of the gemstone: Larimar is cut chiefly into cabochon shapes to highlight its silky and smooth luster. It is sometimes faceted too.

Color: The blue tones and the medium intense shades of the gemstone are considered valuable. The calming blue color is said to relax the mind of the wearer. It gets its color from the copper inclusions.

Larimar symbolism

The gemstone generates feelings of calm and relaxation. It will help you control what is affecting you emotionally. The gem will also ease difficult conversations and give you relief from anxiety. Wear a larimar necklace or pendant so that it will work on your throat chakra.

Designs in Larimar Jewelry to go for

There are many options in Larimar jewelry designs. Since the gemstone is rare, it is all desirable and hence quite in demand. Here are some of the options to consider when buying gemstone jewelry:

Classic: Evergreen designs like teardrop, oval, marque, square, or round go with almost every outfit and are suitable for everyday jewelry.

Contemporary: Artists get inspired from their surroundings and try an innovation in what already exists. Changes were introduced to the classic designs from time to time to create something unique and extraordinary.

Statement designs: Gone are the days when statement jewelry pieces were saved just for special events. Instead, fashion lovers don’t hesitate to embrace the statement accessory as their signature style these days.

How does larimar work for you?

Larimar works for your throat chakra. It lets you speak your genuine emotions and have difficult conversations. When you face negative emotions or confusion, this gemstone will make you realize your inner strength. It will allow you to heal from past traumas. Wear a larimar pendant to work for your throat chakra. Adding this gemstone to your collection will help you to get rid of your worries and anxiety.

Gemstone Care:

It would be best if you kept the gemstones protected from hits and blows at all costs. So make sure you take out jewelry while exercising. Also, keep larimar away from abrasive cleaners to preserve its luster. If you are buying a larimar ring or bracelet or any other larimar accessory for everyday jewelry, go for the one with a protective setting for the stone.

Where to buy Larimar Jewelry

When it comes to gemstone jewelry, I always suggest Rananjay Exports. They have genuine quality gemstone accessories made in 925 sterling silver. In addition, they have a wide range of Larimar earrings, rings, necklaces, pendants, and bracelets. They are the best in wholesale silver gemstone jewelry.


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