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Explore the money-making angle of a TikTok clone

Short video content is disrupting the tech era significantly. Which was that platform that became famous overnight? It is TikTok that hit the market in September 2016. More than 5 years later, Android users have downloaded the short video sharing app 100 million times. With the Internet era booming now, it is suitable for entrepreneurs to launch a TikTok clone app

How did TikTok grow from a small video-sharing app to a tech giant?

  • Overall, it has surpassed 3 billion downloads. Besides that, first-time users installed the social network application 383 million times in the first 6 months of 2021. 
  • If you are wondering why cyber surfers get attracted only by the free features? No, you are mistaken. Netizens have spent $919.2 million in premium functionalities and in-app purchases.
  • TikTok has a whopping 1 billion monthly active users (MAUs). Importantly, the number has increased from 700 million. Moreover, the user base has steadily risen from 55 million in January 2018 to 271 million by the end of December that year and rose to 507 million in December 2019. 

What is a TikTok clone script? 

It is a pre-built video-sharing solution with several features similar to TikTok. Users can create short content and share it with the whole world. They can use several functionalities like adding of music and sounds, cutting, duplication, editing, merging, and trimming of videos, exploring different genres, the inclusion of effects and filters, pause recording, and integration with Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) elements. 

How a TikTok Clone app helps in yielding more revenue? 

Tips for Content Marketers – Conducting digital marketing campaigns on TikTok is easy from now on. Influencers and other experts can share clips, tips, and tricks for getting more reach. 
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This will help brands to promote their products and services aggressively and directly reach out to their target audience. In the long run, organizations can create business profiles, maximize their engagement rate and traffic by focusing on the interests and likes of regular users. Accordingly, influencers can entice consumers with tools like co-creation of content, engaging videos, and series. 

Partnership with different brands – Indeed, the power of brand ambassadors and celebrities is unparalleled. TikTok has tied up with NASR ESPORTS, a Middle East and North African talent agency. This profitable partnership includes the display of the TikTok logo on the team jerseys, sharing of high-quality gaming content with players and creators. Eventually, this would lead to faster growth for both NASR and TikTok in the Middle East and Northern African (MENA) region. 

Accordingly, entrepreneurs can associate with brands across different industries. This will lead to more popularity and a higher number of comments, impressions, likes, and shares. Moreover, real-time reports are available about the number of views, organic reach, and watch time. 

E-commerce integration – While online shopping has been there for a few decades, social commerce is gaining more fame now. TikTok is the pioneer in this. It has enticed retailers with functionalities like product galleries in advertisements, shoppable links, live streaming while purchasing goods. 

How can entrepreneurs use this? They can attract big, as well as, small sellers with a digital storefront, customized hashtags for brands, and multi-content posting options. Accordingly, short videos laden with the right hashtags and promotional messages would be advantageous for brands. This comprises higher conversion rates with a better call to action (CTA), direct integration with fulfillment centers (FCs), warehouses, and Point-Of-Purchases (PoPs).

Moreover, goods can be placed in a digital catalog via an Application Programming Interface (API) for shopping. Brands can showcase their feature-rich products with colors, logos, graphic hashtags, themes, and stickers respectively. 

Publishing of advertisements – Business organizations can outperform their rivals via paid advertisements on a TikTok clone. They can choose a variety of tools like collection ads, dynamic showcase advertisements (DSA), and lead generation. 

How does this lead to a positive response? Manufacturers of goods and service providers can introduce cards in their small videos. These small picture-oriented cards are swipeable and customers will be redirected to an interactive gallery. This will lead to more traffic on the merchant’s website. 

Corporate companies who post content regularly will witness a rise in traffic and more orders for time-slot-based deals, seasonal sales, and recently released products. 

Further, corporate companies would experience a rise in return on advertisement spending (ROAS) and more product page visits. Are there any more tools? Yes, Dynamic Showcase Advertisements (DSA) would help in the personalization of content and recommendation of videos based on the interests and likes of the target audience. 

Brands can utilize either short-form or long-form content and segregate their target audience based on their likes, preferences, and tastes. Organizations can share engaging clips with separate overlays for music and texts. Instant data is available on click-through rates (CTR) and conversion rates. Lead generation is possible via in-feed advertisements. 

They can motivate users to submit their data via forms and surveys. This would help them to directly view their favorite products without going via multiple e-commerce platforms. 

Recharge of Coins – Virtual currencies are offering more returns for investors than traditional financial assets. Likewise, TikTok Coins is the new form of digital money. Users can purchase these virtual gifts and convert them into diamonds and gifts.

As a result, they can support popular content creators by sharing emojis while they live stream videos. Entrepreneurs can introduce this feature and pocket revenue from exchange rate fees and transaction processing charges. You can offer this functionality to popular creators who have a large number of fans and followers. 

Each emoticon will represent a specific number of coins. These values will fluctuate from one nation to another. Besides that, members can check the balance of their coins on a real-time basis. They can connect a digital wallet, cash out a certain amount, purchase new coins, redeem gifts for content developers, and process peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions. 

Wrapping Up

TikTok has stood tall despite heavy competition in the market. It is the hub of different challenges, hashtags, and trends. Entrepreneurs can also be a trendsetter now by contacting an app development company to create a video-sharing app like TikTok.

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