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Tips for buying a tricycle

What should you pay attention to when buying a tricycle? In this article, Van Raam gives you 10 useful tips for purchasing a single tricycle for children and adults. We hope that this will help you with the purchase process of a tricycle.

 —10 tips for buying a tricycle (in short)–

Tip 1: Determine what you are going to use the bicycle for.

Buying a tricycle is an adventure. First of all, you determine the cycling goal: what are you going to do with the bike? Commuting, shopping, long bike rides, visiting family/friends, relaxation, and leisure. 

The bicycle goal you have in mind also determines what needs to be on your tricycle in terms of gears, electric pedal assistance, saddle, and any storage options for things. 

Tip 2: Find information about the different types of tricycles.

As with two two-wheel bicycles, there are many different tricycles: traditional tricycles: tricycle with one wheel at the front and two wheels at the rear (Husky, Mini, Midi, Maxi);


tricycle with a low entry (Maxi Comfort);


tricycles (Easy Rider Junior, Easy Rider);


recumbent tricycles (Easy Sport);


tricycles with two wheels at the front and one wheel at the back (Viktoria and Viktor);


tricycle with which you can also drive fully electrically (Easy Go).


Do you want to know more about the different types of tricycles for one person that are available at Van Raam? Then take a look at our product page about tricycles.

Tip 3: Look at it positively, accept that cycling on a two-wheel bicycle is no longer possible and emphasize what you can still do.

If cycling on a bicycle with two wheels is no longer possible, a tricycle is a good solution. Accept that cycling with two wheels is no longer possible and look for a tricycle that suits you. Look at what you can (still) do. Look at the benefits: freedom, independence, movement. 


Tip 4: Take a test ride and try different tricycles.

An extensive test drive is very important! Read more about this in the article ‘cycling on a tricycle for adults.

Each tricycle has its own characteristics and driving characteristics and it is important to try out various tricycles to experience which type of tricycle suits you best. Read more about the models of Van Raam tricycles in the article  ‘tricycle for adults.


In our showroom, in Varsseveld you can try various Van Raam tricycles by appointment (tel: 0315- 25 73 70) and one of our advisors will explain the different models. You are most welcome! Tips for buying a tricycle

Testing a Van Raam tricycle is also possible at some Van Raam dealers. Check our dealer page for this and contact the dealer in your area. 


Tip 5: Be well informed about the different options and accessories.

During the fitting with the tricycle, ask which options are available on the various models. Every Van Raam bicycle is available with many accessories to tailor the bicycle entirely to your own wishes. During the appointment at Van Raam, the Van Raam advisor can tell you everything about the possible options and accessories. (type of brake, pedal support, footrests, gear lever, shopping baskets, etc.) get your best four Wheelers

All standard options and accessories are listed on our site on the page of the relevant tricycle under the price/documentation tab on the price list. In addition to the standard options, we also provide customization. Because Van Raam produces each bicycle uniquely, special frame adjustments are no problem. 


options of window cycling

 Every single Van Raam tricycle fits on the bicycle path and can go through any standard door frame.

Edwin van der Sar and Roda JC bicycle

Tip 6: Choose the color tricycle that you like

After you have determined which options you want to add to the bike, you can choose a color yourself. All Van Raam bicycles have a standard color per model and a few fixed optional other colors for a small extra charge. In addition, the bicycle can be powder coated in almost any RAL color at an additional cost. 

For example, we make all bicycles for the Edwin Van der Sar foundation in orange and we have produced a special yellow Roda JC tricycle. 

Tip 7: Choose the right motor + battery(ies) 

The range of an electric tricycle depends on, among other things: the level of pedal assistance (you cycle in position 1, 2, or 3), wind force, tire pressure, speed, the weight of the driver, surface (smooth asphalt or sandy road), age of the battery. Tips for buying a tricycle


At Van Raam, we have two types of motors: the Silent and the Silent HT. With this powerful motor, you can cycle both forwards and backward. Van Raam’s advisors can tell you everything about these engines, which have been specially developed for Van Raam. You can have an 11.2 Ah battery or 24.8 Ah battery mounted on the bicycles. You can also opt for a second battery pack if you want to increase your range. Read more about the motor and battery on the electric pedal assist page. 

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