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Top 5 Brands Who are Launching Winter Collections

The coldest winter collection of the year is upon us and so is the time to jazz up your winter wardrobes with the trendiest winter collections in town. We are sure you are just as much thrilled about going on the winter shopping spree and why shouldn’t you be? After all, who minds sprucing up their wardrobes with gorgeous outfits? Also, we believe this is just the right time to buy new winter outfits since many brands are rolling out incredible winter collections.

Just to make your winter shopping trips easier, we have shortlisted the top 5 brands that are launching winter collections and might as well go on a sale!

Let’s get to it!

  1. Mor Bagh by Beechtree


Mor Bagh by Beechtree is coming up with its volume II of winter collection 2021 on the 11th of November. The volume I that went viral by the name of Maati had some gorgeous unstitched ladies Pakistani suit especially the ones paired with shawls. We loved the entire range for all the right reasons so we have great expectations from the winter volume II as well. The collection is called Zebaai that promotes love, fondness, and devotion. What we love the most about Mor Bagh is the reasonable price points. You can find absolutely beautiful outfits ranging from Rs. 1,850 to Rs. 2,950. How cool is that? We are sensing that the brand has unstitched 2pc and 3pc outfits paired with immaculately printed shawls yet again. We sure can’t wait for it! You can either order the outfit of your choice online from www.morbagh.pk or just head over to a Beechtree outlet!

Also, the brand is expected to put up a blessed Friday sale super soon where you can get your hands on some fabulous pieces.

  1. Ethnic


The brand is widely known for making women’s clothing stand out with intricate embroideries and vibrant prints on traditional and contemporary silhouettes. Ethnic offer various categories in pret and unstitched. Whether you want a flamboyant dress for the festive season or an unstitched suit for everyday wear, Ethnic has got you covered. Winter dresses for women from the brand’s recent collection are priced between Rs. 2,790 and Rs. 5,990.

Our votes are for the article ‘Fly Sparks’ from Ethnic’s winter collection. The outfit features a printed viscose shirt and shawl paired with dyed pants. We just can’t get over the exquisite print especially the paisleys! You can also browse through the collection at www.ethnic.pk and find wardrobe essentials that look no less than the winter designer dresses.

  1. Khaadi


We all know Khaadi as one of the oldest fashion retail brands that blessed us, women, with the most fashionable pieces. This year Khaadi does it again by launching very eye-catching winter Pakistani dresses. The collection comprises an array of stitched and unstitched outfits featuring a combination of earthy and bold hues. The reason why Khaadi’s unstitched clothes are among the most preferred ones is the versatility and attractive price brackets. The prices start from Rs. 1,890 and go up till Rs. 4,990. With the sale approaching fast, you can grab a gorgeous khaddar suit for women at even lower prices. Isn’t that exciting?

Khaadi’s winter collection has so many designs to choose from. Every single design is unique in its own way. If you are looking for an unstitched 2pc article and that too with earthy tones topped with the classic floral motifs then article no. LK21409 is your safest bet!

  1. Sapphire


Sapphire is also always up to cooking something interesting! We have definitely passed their winter dresses this year. The women winter collection offered this year by the brand features many interesting elements. The prints and embroideries are the real epitome of uniqueness ranging from modern-day designs to old-school motifs. The price range varies according to the intensity of embroideries, prints, and of course, the number of pieces.

The collection includes shirt pieces for as low as Rs. 990 and the prices go up till Rs. 7,990 for unstitched 3pc dresses. From vibrant hues to subtle prints, the collection has it all. The winter clothes sale will be on the season so the shopping will get easier like never before. Also, don’t forget to add ‘Fluerine’ to cart. The embroidery is as fine as can be.

  1. Sana Safinaz


Looking for winter designer dresses? You should definitely consider Sana Safinaz. Fashion-savvy women have always looked up to this brand because of the distinct design features. Sana Safinaz is more like a trendsetter for many. Pakistani winter dresses this year at this brand are worth adding to your wardrobes. The prices may be higher than the rest but the designs definitely outweigh the price factor. The prices start from Rs. 5,590 to Rs. 7,290 for the Muzlin collection. Also, the winter sale on brands is almost here so you can shop here at lower prices!

Our favourite pick is article no. M214-001B-AP, a rich blue outfit inspired by Kashmiri paisleys.


Now you know who all is launching the winter collection! If you ask us, we are more inclined towards Mor Bagh because the brand offers a perfect balance of economical prices and stunning designs. The collection is ideal for everyone to revamp your everyday winter wardrobe this season without disrupting your budget. Moreover, the prints and color combos are suitable for all age ranges that is an added bonus. So, what’s the wait for? Head over to the malls and start and get started with the winter retail therapy!

Happy Shopping!

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