Top 5 cheap digital currencies to invest in 2022

In this fast-paced digital world, cryptocurrency has emerged as a successful and alternate mode of payment. Some countries acknowledged this new decentralized monetary system and accept it by giving it a legal tender status. Many people around the world flock to the websites searching for various topics like how to trade on Bitfinex etc. If you want to experience doing investment in the cryptocurrency market, and want to generate above-average returns, then better fetch out for some of the best cheap digital currencies of 2022. 


Earlier Bitcoin has been a dominant choice in the crypto space owing to its global popularity.

But with the emergence of altcoins, drifted the attention of investors and prompted them to try out alternatives. It won’t be right to say that altcoins have completely waned the fame of Bitcoin, but up to some extent, they have shown their potential in becoming competent to the latter dominant crypto coin. 


The innovation of altcoins indeed comes with the motive to excel over Bitcoin or to become the new Bitcoin, but it could not happen as many failed in their mission to accomplish this goal and became dead coins. It means those coins have not worth being used, traded, or to be purchased. And it is all because of the reasons including operational failure, developers losing interest and leaving the project mid-way, or scams. 


Well, let us not get into a debate over it, as we don’t want to deviate from our main topic today which is based on:


Top 5 cheap digital currencies to purchase in 2022


Since these coins are trading at the minimum price, any upward swing can lead to superior returns for shrewd investors. So here are some of those cheap cryptocurrencies that you can buy in 2022. So let us start the list with:


Enjin (ENJ)


Enjin is one of the top cheap digital currencies that you can buy in 2022. It is a cryptocurrency that is based on Ethereum which is used for empowering NFTs eco-space. The best thing about this crypto coin is it can be used for several blockchain games for purchasing and selling items. Moreover, the items mentioned in the ENJ find their use in more than one game. $1.78 is the latest price of Enjin according to a crypto price-tracking website. You can buy ENJ on the eToro exchange. 


Uniswap (UNI)


Uniswap is another cryptocurrency you can purchase in the decentralized finance space. UNI is a digital currency of Uniswap exchange on the Ethereum network. Users find it easy to exchange crypto tokens. Users do not have to submit personal details because this platform is decentralized. $11.35 is the current price of Uniswap. You can buy this token on Gemini, Coinbase, Binance, KuCoin, Gate.io, and Uphold.


Solana (SOL)


Coming up next in the list of top 5 cheap digital currencies to buy in 2022 is Solana (SOL). Akin to Ethereum, Solana is also a blockchain network that offers a medium for developers in the creation and hosting of decentralized applications. But Solana needs to bring up-gradation on the mediocre scalability of current systems. And it does it with the use of the PoS consensus mechanism that consumes less energy and facilitates speedy transactions. $110.81 is the current price of Solana (SOL). 


Avalanche (AVAX)


Other than Solana, if there is any other new cryptocurrency to buy in 2022, then it is Avalanche (AVAX). Avalanche is a very blockchain platform that utilizes not 1 but 3 chains indicating the division of tasks and increase in the transaction speed. Since Avalanche makes the best use of two distinctive consensus mechanisms, it leads to more boost in the speed, ensuring the immense scalability of the platform. $93.66 is the current price of AVAX. 


Ethereum (ETH)


The last one on the list is Ethereum. It is known to be the second-most popular cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. In recent years, this altcoin has gained massive traction. Different from its closest crypto competitor Bitcoin, Ethereum provides a platform for developers the creation of decentralized apps with complete support of smart contracts. 


The upcoming launch of Ethereum 2.0 will witness the rise in the transaction speed and scalability of the platform with fee deduction. And this sounds good for the investors as these changes would lead to rising in the value of ETH. Shakepay, Coinmama, Binance, KuCoin, Coinbase, Huobi, and crypto.com. $3,404.3 is the current price of ETH. 


Final words


So these are some of those top five cheap digital currencies that you can buy in 2022. All of these cryptocurrencies are the best alternative to Bitcoin to opt for. Follow the Cryptoknowmics website, the best guide to help you keep track of the cryptocurrency prices. Plus it will also help you search for any topic that you want to know including airdrops, ICO listing, crypto whales, tap bounty, etc. 

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