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Top 5 places of Est Cambodia

Dear travelers we are glad to share with you this article about the top places to explore in Est Cambodia. For those who prefer to discover Cambodia of the beaten path, this article could be very useful.


Let’s start by Kratie. Maybe it would be your first stop if start your private tour from Phnom Penh. What you can do here? One of the most appreciated activities of the travelers is the boat tour on Mekong River to observe the dolphins of Irrawaddy and meet the local rural community.

Please note that if you stay in Kratie for the overnight, there is no many good options of accommodations here. We would like to recommend you the Rajabori Villas Resort, maybe it’s the only comfortable hotel in this city. Some people can stay also in budget basic accommodations, in that case you will be able to find other options for your stay.

Sen Monorom (Mondulkiri)

Sen Monorom is the most famous city in the region of Mondulkiri. The people comes here to meet the local elephants. There are different elephant sanctuaries and different tour providers that organize day tours to meet the elephant to feed them etc. One of the most serious companies is perhaps the Elephant Valley project. They offer different package tours according to your preferences. You can choose the option which will give you the possibility to meet the local Bunong community who protects the elephants.

As to the accommodation, it depends again on your preferences. You can book the Nature Lodge cottages if you prefer the eco-lodges with more simple conditions or for luxury travelers the Mayura Hill Resort.

Banlung (Ratanakiri)

Balung is another destination of the beaten path located in the north-est of Cambodia. Here you can visit the Yeak Loam lake and mingle with the locals. Ka Tieng waterfall could be another option. Banlung and its surroundings offer also nice opportunities to make some trekkings. You can choose between day trekkings and trekkings with overnight. During your trekking tour you will discover the Vern Sai district and the local ethnic minorities, as well as the totem cemetery.

Please keep in mind that in Banlung it is also very hard to find a nice accommodation. You need to be prepared to stay in a hotel with basic conditions, or just book the Terres Rouges Lodge, maybe the only comfortable hotel in Banlung.

Cambodia Taxi Driver

Cambodia Taxi Driver is a team of professional and knowledgeable drivers. You can certainly contact them to book your private driver and be sure that the main priority for them will be your security. They offer also different package tours that you can customize according to your preferences. You can always book an all-inclusive tour with them including also your activities and hotels.

Polen, Khen, Mora, Sophal and Co will be glad to welcome you in their country and make you discover not only the marvels of the Est but also the other great places such as the Angkor temples of Siem Reap, the south-western coastal region and of course the famous capital Phnom Penh.

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