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Top 7 Link Building Strategies Should Be Part Of Your SEO 2021

Companies using link building strategies are no longer a secret in the world. It is one of the most commonly used as well as effective ways to build up your traffic. For those who don’t know, link building strategy is a practice of building backlinks to a website. The main purpose of these backlinks is to generate traffic and to make sure that your website is on the top search engine to increase visibility to the internet surfers.

Nowadays, every organization, as well as every brand, has its link-building strategies in order to create maximum visibility which ultimately results in maximum visits to the site. For instance, a website that uses robust link-building strategies will be the first one to appear on the search engine when you search for the related words. There are some of the strongest link-building strategies which will definitely help you to generate visibility.

1.Guest posting

Guest blogging is one of the easiest ways of link building in today’s world. Guest posting is really self-explanatory, it means to write as a guest on other websites. In order to do so, find some relevant websites to your website and get in collaborate with them. You can write articles which they will be posting on their website which a backlink to your original website.

This can be a little tricky since if you write for websites that aren’t related to your website, you will be wasting your talent. Collaborate with relevant websites and in return ask for at least one backlink. You will be shocked to see the results.

2. Link recuperation

Link recuperation is usually for the brands or organizations which are fairly large and well-established. A way to do link this is to search Google with;

“your org name” –site: yourwebsite.com

Simply replace the first word with the name of your brand or the name of the product you are offering. Every time someone will search for this word, you will be the first one to be visible on the net. This way will increase your visibility on the internet platform and will make sure to pop up your website respectively before others as per the keywords.

3. Your Current Network of Contacts

Your network of contacts can be a good source of link building. These can either be anyone who is in collaboration with your company or your suppliers. These can either be complementary to your brand or any sponsors that you are in contact with. These contacts are your potential sources of links.

However, these links need to be relevant to your business or brand. They can help you’re put up backlinks on their websites which will eventually increase your visibility and awareness.

4. Resource Page Links

There are a lot of websites that have resource page links that can help you in this aspect. These resource page links have keywords that match to your relevant business or brand. These keywords can include operators like resource pages, helpful links, useful links, favorite links, in the title; resources, incur; links along with your keywords.

For instance, if you want to visit USA jackets in order to search for Michael Jackson Costume, you’ll simply put keywords like Top Gun Jacket or COSPLAY in the resource link pages. This is how you will be visible to your customers as well as your potential customers. On the other hand, they would still have to search it as the hyperlink or backlink won’t be provided.

5.‘LINK BAIT’ content

This is the point where you need to showcase your creativity and try to catch the attention of the viewer within seconds through your content strategy. Although it should be related to your own content and business. You should be posting content that would grab the attention of the reader. The content can have the following characteristics to be more appealing to the reader.

  • Newsworthy
  • Comedy content
  • Valuable information
  • Eye-catching visuals

Keep your content up to date with the recent events going on, be it comedy or be it informative, keep it low-key and keep the content simple so people can understand it. Relate it to any famous upcoming movie or event. Make sure people stop scrolling to read/see your content.

6. Research about the Competition

One of the best ways to build links is to keep a keen eye on what your competitors are doing. Your competitors must be using backlinks in order to build links, keep an eye on them. Here’s what you got to do;

  1. Make a list of your top competitors
  2. Connect each site to Ahrefs
  3. Go in the backlink section
  4. Filter for the type ‘Do follow’
  5. Extract a spreadsheet from there

Use your content strategy to keep these in mind. Keep an eye on the competition and make sure to make the right move whenever they mess up. See what they did to get the link and follow the procedure to get a link yourself there.

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7. Look Out for Trends and Recent News

Just keep your eyes and ears open. Always keep updated about any new trends, famous movies, or famous dialogues in the air. Keep updated will the kind of trend that has been going on. Think about what is going on currently and use that as an opportunity. Mention these trends in your content strategy and make sure to make it even more exciting and eye-catching. Create and execute innovative ideas through those trends.


It is important for organizations to make sure to be visible for their customers to retain as well as to attract new customers. Building links is one of the best ways to fit in the organization. When an organization or a brand has multiple links, it can get maximum publicity and awareness along with good brand equity. You can link to your sponsors, your long-term clients, or your collaboration to make sure to build good and authentic links.


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