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Top 7 Most Expensive Flower Bouquets for Christmas

Flowers are the most appreciated gift for any event, and they help to express different meanings and feelings. There are many beautiful and affordable flower bouquets in the market. But you can decide to surprise your loved ones with the following most expensive Christmas flowers. These  are stunning with a lovely scent, but you will be surprised by the price tag. Check these fantastic Christmas flowers and surprise your loved ones.

Kadupul Flowers

Kadupul is the topmost expensive flower to gift your loved ones during the Christmas event. These flowers are found in Sri Lanka and are the rarest of all flowers, and they are fragile and hence last for a few hours.
These flowers bloom once a year and come with a lovely and calm scent. It usually blooms and night and withers before dawn. This flower is priceless because you cannot purchase it, and it is invaluable because you cannot pick it without damaging it.

Juliet Rose

Roses have always been the popular flowers on the globe, and they are everyone’s favorite. And every culture opts for them.
Roses also come in different species with diverse beauty that seems to lack boundaries. But Juliet Rose surpassed all of these varieties. The flower was first introduced to the world in 2006 by David Austin, who breeds roses, and it was brought in at the RHS flower show.

The flower took fifteen years to be made and a lot of money to produce, making it the most expensive flower that has ever been made. The flower has a lovely scent, and you can use it as a Christmas gift for your loved ones.

Shenzhen Nongke Orchids

Orchids come in different species, but this one is special. It was created by Chinese agricultural scientists, which makes it artificial. The flower was also named after the university that produced it.
The scientists took eight years to research and create this lovely and delicate flower. Usually, it blooms after every four or five years. Shenzhen Nongke became the most expensive flower to be sold. Since orchids are unique and long-lasting Christmas flowers, you can send a bouquet of this particular type to your loved ones as Christmas gifts. The gift would make them feel special and loved.

Gold of Kinabalu Orchid

Orchids are known to be unique flowers. They come in different colors and species. However, this specific species is the most expensive one. It was found in 1987 but nearly became extinct because smugglers were pillaging it. The flowers are still rare, and you can only get them at a small Kinabalu Park in Malaysia. It takes up to 15 years to bloom, which makes it hard to grow. You can use it as a Christmas gift for your loved ones, and it costs $5,500 per flower.

Saffron Crocus

Saffron is deep brown and has bright yellow semen. It is known to generate saffron spice, but commonly, it is used as a flower. The saffron spice comes from the yellow stamen, and this needs 80000 flowers to dry so that they can generate 500 g of sauce. It grows up to 5cm tall and ten wide. These flowers are not the most expensive ones, but their spice is.

Gloriosa Lily

These flowers originate from Asia and Southern Africa. The flower is another one of the most expensive flowers you can send for Christmas. It is also unique and rare, with different names like glory lily, fire lily, flame lily, and more. The flowers are showy with pronounced petals and also change colors from top to center.

Lily of the Valley

It is the second most expensive flower on the globe. This flower is uniquely shaped, and its flowers are white. Lily of the valley is commonly found in mountain areas, and its striking beauty makes it the perfect Christmas gift for your loved ones.

Final Thought

Now that you have seen how lovely these flowers are, you can decide to sacrifice a few dollars and send your loved ones  of their choice. These flowers have shocking price tags, but you can choose to surprise your loved ones with them. 

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