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Top 8 Australian Charities to Donate to in 2022

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For many people, donating to charity is one of the best forms of self-sacrifice. Providing something that someone else desperately needs is an easy way to satisfy one’s desire to help others.

Some generous donators have a list of favorite charities, such as the police association or even the Australian Red Cross. Other people, however, prefer to donate to different charities throughout the year.

So, how do you choose? We’ve narrowed down a few popular Australian charities to choose from—all doing exceptional work.

Charities Worth Your Time and Resources

WIRES Wildlife Rescue

WIRES stands for Wildlife Information Rescue and Education Services and has been in operation for 35 years. Their primary function is to care for injured, sick or orphaned native animals. These caregivers have always followed a simple mission to actively rehabilitate and preserve as much of the Australian wildlife as possible.

With the increase of bushfires in 2020, WIRES have been extensively involved in rescuing and rehoming many animals caught in the blazes across Australia. If you’ve had first-hand experience of the damage caused by bushfires, then you know how valuable their work is.

NSW Rural Fire Service

Whilst on the subject of bushfires, we feel obliged to mention the NSW Rural Fire Service. As one of the most popular charities in Australia, this organization provides relief to people whose homes are destroyed by bushfires every year. In 2020, their crews responded to more than 11,400 bush and grass fires.

Beyond Blue

Statistics show that 1 in 5 Australians will experience a mental health issue at some point between the ages of 16-85. If you’re looking to contribute to a charity that deals with mental health, then Beyond Blue is well worth considering. They offer support for depression, anxiety, and suicide.

With the angst of disease, floods, and bushfires, their work is invaluable. They also have an active social media presence where you can find a wide range of ways to donate services or money.

Cancer Council Australia

Many people’s lives continue to be ravaged by cancer. It’s rare for anyone to not have lost a relative, friend, or acquaintance to this disease. Since it can strike anyone at any time, the search for a cure remains a top priority. This organization provides information, support, and funding in the search for that cure.

The Salvation Army Australia

The Salvation Army is hands down the largest provider of emergency and homelessness services in Australia. As a well-recognized, reputable charity across the world, many people feel that their donations will definitely be managed well and put to good use.

PCYC Police Citizens Youth Clubs NSW

PCYC is a popular Australian club that partners with various police associations and local community members to improve the lives of young people. They work with youths exposed to the cycle of disadvantage by helping them with vocational education and crime prevention. Additionally, they offer social responsibility programs and encourage community involvement in all aspects.

The Smith Family

When it comes to the top Australian charities for Education, the Smith Family Charity tops the list. They especially made a difference in 2020 when schools were closed during the lockdown. This charity has about 50,000 children in their Learning Life Program. Of these, about a quarter don’t have access to digital devices to do remote schooling. By donating to them, you can assist them with fighting what they refer to as the Digital Divide.

The Australian Red Cross

One of the most relevant charities in Australia and around the world is the Red Cross. Since the Australian Red Cross is constantly providing services to victims of current natural disasters such as floods and bushfires, their services are always needed.

Reasons to Donate

If you’re on the fence about donating, here are a few good reasons why you should donate:

  • It’s more impactful than you think—you can ease someone’s suffering
  • You teach your children the value of generosity
  • Your family and friends will be encouraged to do the same
  • Giving to charity strengthens personal values and can boost your own general well-being
  • Donating time rather than money allows you the opportunity to physically help others or a cause
  • Passing on your unused items such as furniture and clothes will also help you declutter your home

Final Thought

With the list we’ve provided, you can see it’s easy to find a charity closely related to what you value in life. Whether it’s disaster relief, animal assistance, or aid to people suffering from mental health, there’s always a charity that will appreciate your aid.

And your donation doesn’t always have to be monetary. Many charities will gladly accept clothes, non-perishable food, blankets, and even furniture.

Making a difference in someone else’s situation will give you a sense of selflessness that will boost your own peace of mind. Only one of the many reasons to contact one of these institutions today.

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