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Top Jewellery Trends for Women for 2022

The jewellery market is rapidly and constantly growing with each passing day and that’s for a reason. Women love wearing jewellery. Even if not wearing, females love to have a nice collection of jewellery that they can show to their friends to beg praise. Hence the increasing consumers’ demand for jewellery – especially handmade, boost the global jewellery market that was USD 330.0 billion in 2019 and forecasted to grow to USD 266.53 billion by 2027. The estimated CAGR was 3.7% during this period making it one of the most emerging and continuously growing industries.

Moreover, women also love to receive jewellery as gifts. Among various types and forms of jewellery, girls stated that they like “earrings” more. According to a survey, around 57% of females stated that they would like to receive earrings as a gift from their loved ones or families, 30% bracelets, 42% necklace and 26% fashion rings. It indicates females’ love for jewellery most significantly for handmade earrings for women.

Finding The Right Jewellery

If you are also a jewellery person you most probably are aware of the fact that how tricky it often becomes to find the right jewellery. Whether you want a casual ring to wear around work, want to get an elegant earring piece for your birthday bash, or perhaps want to obtain an eye-catching necklace for an event around the corner, you must choose the right piece. Here is how you can find the right jewellery for you.

Your preferences change over time. Also, with the latest jewellery trends, women prefer to obtain top trending jewellery pieces for their events, festivities and occasions. Here is what you should keep in mind while getting out to buy some seductive jewellery pieces.

  • What do you like generally in jewellery?
  • What is your favorite type of jewellery?
  • Do you like handmade or customized jewellery?
  • What draws your attention when looking at a particular type of jewellery?
  • What jewellery styles do you prefer to wear casually and both on occasions and events?
  • Do you prefer gemstones? If so, what kind of? Or, what type of gemstone is your favourite?

Top Jewellery Trends for 2022

Women believe that jewellery has so much to offer to them. It reflects their identity, personality and aura. Some of them even believe that they must have their signature jewellery piece that can represent them when in the public. Females love to explore new, latest, and unique jewellery pieces to wear. Many women wear jewellery on a daily basis. Although any type of jewellery piece goes well with every outfit, hairdo and style. However, you must remain considerate when wearing it on your big occasions as some type of jewellery may not go well with any outfit. https://www.brownsfamilyjewellers.co.uk/blog/post/jewellery-trends-to-look-out-for.html

Underneath are the top jewellery trends that you must consider when buying for that special event.

1. Coloured Stones

Do you want to get something simple yet classic and elegant? Gemstones in various seductive colours are the perfect choice for you. You may choose among the variety of gemstone colours, styles and designs. You may even get them customized to your earrings, necklaces, and rings according to your likes and preferences. Getting alluring gemstones is both eclectic and chic.

2. Mixed Material

Women often love jewellery that combines different stuff to give it an appealing look. Jewellery is used to enhance the beauty of look, style and personality overall. Therefore, to get the right material jewellery is essential. Hence, if you don’t like to wear a pure gemstone, you may get one with quality hybrid elements. Imagine coloured gemstones with shine metals, pearls with diamond and more.

3. Enticing Pearls

Pleasingly unique pearls are timeless gemstones same as diamonds. It will never be going to lose its worth and value. Crafted flawlessly in a beautiful necklace piece, earring, ring or perhaps a pendant with all captivating pearls is the go-to jewellery piece to rock the stage. However, while classic or traditional pearls are always in the limelight, unusual, distinct and lustrous pearls are might be just what you want this season. Moreover, pearls vary in shapes, colours, size and styles to create an organic and enticing look.

4. Customized Jewellery

What can never go out of ‘trend’ is personalized jewellery. You can choose among many styles and designs to express yourself pretty well. From basic nameplates to pendants to zodiac signs to birthstones, you have a wide range of options to get highly personalized jewellery according to your preferences and likes.

Moreover, lockets and charms also offer simple personalization with a thoughtful photograph or an option to signify something really special to you. The beauty of customized jewellery is that it will never go out of fashion, trend and style. You can always wear it with any outfit, with any style at any occasion or party. Hence, it will be treasured forever.

5. Layered Looks

Whether it uses necklaces, earrings or bracelets, stacking and layering are trending more than ever before. Are you also thinking to get some layering necklaces for your big day? Well, search for subtle statement chains and pendants in varying lengths. Layered and stacking jewellery pieces is all about playing with designs, styles, colors, and textures to get them in the most sophisticated shapes and styles to give users the look they crave for.

6. Sterling Silver

While women are eternal admirers of gold, silver jewellery has been observing a revival in fame over the past few years. Silver jewellery is wonderful for both casual wear and special festivities. It helps create an enticing look that young ladies often desire to have. Silver jewellery whether necklace, ring or earring goes well with every style, hairdo, outfit, and occasion.

Wrapping It Up

It wouldn’t be wrong if we say that young ladies love jewellery more than anything else. It plays a crucial role in their life making them feel all beautiful, stylish and special. However, one still cannot explain the fact why women love jewellery so much.

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