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Top Tips To Gain YouTube Subscribers in 2021

As of today, video is the undisputed leader in content marketing. If you are here, you are starting with your YouTube channel or thinking of launching yourself on an adventure and starting one soon. In this article, we will give you some tips that will help the beginning vlogger gain YouTube subscribers.


  1. Create a trailer for your channel

We know what a movie trailer means to a film. A Youtube trailer does exactly the same job. YouTube offers a great option that allows you to add a trailer for your channel. This trailer is nothing more than a video that should last between 30 and 60 seconds that will be played automatically as soon as a user visits your channel.

The trailer will give you a chance to convince the user to subscribe, but don’t forget. You only have 1 minute, be brief, get to the point, and show users a small sample of everything you can offer them, be it entertainment or knowledge in some matter.


  1. Optimize your video titles

The title of your videos is a vital factor when it comes to attracting the attention of potential subscribers on YouTube.

You have two weapons to attract the attention of YouTube users once your video appears in their search results: the title and the thumbnail (the previous image of the video).


  1. Optimize the description of your videos

We talked in the previous point about the importance of titles in SEO. The second most important aspect of optimizing the SEO of your videos is the description of them.

The description will not only help YouTube users to find your videos, but it will also give them an idea about what your videos are about.

Use keywords in the description, but without overdoing it. Make your descriptions seem natural and authentic.


  1. Professionalize your channel as much as you can

If you want your audience to trust your brand, you will have to show a good image.

Your channel and your vlogs will tell who you are. Watch your profile picture, your cover photo, and the description of your channel (watch misspellings!) And take care of both the image quality and the quality of the sound and lighting of your videos.


  1. Customize the thumbnails of your videos

Customizing your video thumbnails can help you make your videos stand out in YouTube search results.

This is an accepted practice followed by most successful YouTubers. Create custom thumbnails for each video.

If you don’t know what a thumbnail is, it’s just the preview image that appears in YouTube search results.

The thumbnail can be randomly and automatically generated by YouTube, but you can also create a custom thumbnail. It is common practice to use one of the best images of the video, accompanied by a short text (use the most important words related to the content of the vlog!) Using a text source that attracts a lot of attention, such as the Impact font.


  1. Upload videos frequently

We know it is not easy. All the content you upload to your YouTube channel must be quality content, and achieving this takes time. Also, if, like most, vlogging is not your primary occupation (either because you have another job, are a full-time parent, or are a student), the time you have is limited.

But YouTube rewards those channels that are constant and that upload new videos very frequently. Many experts say that by uploading one video a day (maintaining certain quality standards), your success is assured. We dare not make such a resounding statement, but it is a fact that YouTube rewards consistency. If you generate more content, the chances that your videos will rank highly in YouTube searches skyrocket.

Publish your videos on time and in a structured way, be it one a day, once a week, two a month. You decide, but be organized and consistent.


  1. Use YouTube annotations

Annotations are those annoying little messages in floating rectangles that you can find in many YouTube videos. If you use them properly, you can get a part of the people who see your video to subscribe to your channel.

There are many YouTubers who say they have managed to increase their subscriber metrics thanks to annotations, but annotations are something you should be careful about. They are annoying, intrusive, and can prevent you from viewing the video. If you decide to use them, do it intelligently, at the right time, better if it is at the beginning or end of the video, and configure them so that they are not visible for long.

If users find that the annotations on your videos are annoying, not only will they not subscribe to your channel, but they will probably not see a video of you again.


  1. Use the right tools

There are a large number of online tools that will help you promote your YouTube channel and increase views and gain YouTube subscribers.

Some of the tools that Vloggers recommend are:



TubeBuddy is a very useful free tool if you are serious about your YouTube channel and want to earn money and automate your processes around your channel.


YouTube Super Chat

This, more than a tool to gain subscribers, is a tool to earn money.

Super Chat is a new YouTube feature that allows you to make money by broadcasting live videos (streaming).

Super Chat allows users who are watching your video to pay money to make their messages stand out.



Famebit is a tool that will allow you to find companies that want to sponsor you, that is, to hire you to promote their products or services in one of your videos.


  1. Let yourself be found

YouTube offers us the option of adding a link to your official website. So if you have one, make sure you do, and if you don’t, we recommend that you do your research

One of the advantages of adding a link to your official website on your YouTube channel is that you can get a verification on your channel, which will indicate that your channel is an official representation of your brand on YouTube.

Similarly, add a button on your website for people to subscribe to your YouTube channel.


  1. Make videos no more than 5 minutes

Although you can find a huge number of very popular long-duration videos on YouTube, this Buffer article states that the most successful videos to gain YouTube subscribers are videos that last less than 5 minutes.

We advise you to follow this basic rule, especially at the beginning. Once you have a good subscriber base, you can take more liberties and extend the length of your creations.


  1. Add an intro and an outro to your videos

Giving your videos a recognizable structure will help you create an identity. Your videos will gain a personal touch, and at the same time, they will appear more professional. I would like to recommend a tool called FlexClip, which is an online video maker that can add an intro and outro to your video within minutes.


  1. Interact with users

Interacting with users who comment on your YouTube videos will encourage users who watch your videos in the future to interact with you.

Interact with users who comment on your videos. Even if they are negative comments, always reply. Be polite and try to elicit sympathy from both the person you are replying to and the people who will read those comments in the future.

Remember that YouTube is still just another social network, and social networks are based on the interaction between people.


  1. Make giveaways among your subscribers

Interacting with users who comment on your YouTube videos will encourage users who watch your videos in the future to interact with you.

This is a very effective way to gain YouTube subscribers. Keep in mind that there will be many people who subscribe only to participate in the raffle to unsubscribe right after, but it is still an interesting option.

The prize does not have to be something very expensive. Everyone likes to be given something, even if the value of the prize is 5 euros.


  1. Promote your channel in other media

“Be everywhere” or “be everywhere” is a phrase that podcaster Pat Flynn uses a lot to highlight the importance of being present on all possible platforms.

Create an account on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, or any other social network that can help you attract followers.

Have an aggressive marketing strategy, participate in discussions and make yourself heard. Subscribers usually do not reach your channel by themselves.


At Last

So the above is about Top Tips To Gain YouTube Subscribers in 2021. We hope this article has been helpful to you. If you have used any other trick to gain subscribers, please share it with us in the comment section below.

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