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Two of the best courses and their benefits for you

In a world where there are numerous options to choose from, you may get confused very easily. This is even more probable with the wide amount of career opportunities that are present these days.

This is why we have narrowed the list down for you to two courses that stand out. Getting either a BA LLB Hons or a B.Arch is especially beneficial for you. Let’s take a look into what these courses have to offer. 

BA LLB Hons and its benefits

Getting a bachelor’s in law is advisable any day for you. The reason for this is because the profession is extremely respectable and always on demand. Generally, the course is offered as a five-year integrated degree that encompasses interdisciplinary study approaches. You get exposed to subjects like Sociology, History, Civil Law, Corporate Law, Patent law, Labour law, International Law, etc. 

The career options after the completion of BA LLB Hons are vast and you can even get international opportunities. One of the most common careers is becoming a litigation lawyer after passing the state bar council exam and All India Bar Examination.

Alternatively, corporations offer several opportunities in their legal team and in management positions that are closely related to law. Another extremely common career path to go for is becoming a legal advisor or a company secretary!

Bachelor of Architecture 

This degree comes with brimming opportunities and lucrative job opportunities as well. This degree includes various different learning elements like drawing, design, physics, engineering, computer science, and art. The interdisciplinary teaching in this degree is beneficial to your personal growth and is also essential for developing your skillset. 

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Getting a Bachelor of Architecture opens up a world of opportunities for you. Job roles commonly included are building surveyor, commercial or residential surveyor, construction manager, estates manager, higher education lecturer, historic buildings inspector, landscape architect, planning and development surveyor, etc. In addition to this, if you are the architect of a building that receives an award, there is a lot of recognition and fame to be gained as well!

How do you opt for an online course?

There are several online courses readily available for you to choose from. Some of the best universities have started offering courses like BA LLB and Bachelor of Architecture online. You can easily send in an inquiry and opt for either of these courses at the designated websites.  A simple search on Google will yield the best result for you and this will help you to kickstart your career in a great way!

We recommend choosing one of these two courses as they offer ample national and international opportunities. You also get a chance to create your brand through both these courses as the professions generally garner a lot of respect and appreciation in society.

Check out all the details you need to know about these courses online and make the choice that fits you best. In case of any queries, online university portals have helplines where you can contact to gain more clarity!

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