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Types of Hair Transplant in the UK You Must Know About

Are you suffering from hair fall-related issues? The problems related to hair fall and rapid loss of hair have become highly significant within a large scale of people. There are usually plenty of reasons such as pollution, unhealthy scalp, ageing, lack of nutrients, genetic tendencies etc. that work to cause problems related to hair fall. So are you also suffering from hair fall or balding? Then one of the most reliable ways to regain your hair is to opt for hair transplants in the UK. However, if you are not familiar with the treatment of hair plantations, then it can be daunting enough for you to make decisions.

Here we will shed light on the types of hair plantations that you need to know in order to gain a better idea about the treatment. Here is what you need to know about hair transplants in the UK:

What is hair transplantation?

Before you get ideas about what are the types of hair plantations, it is better to gain some idea about what this treatment is all about. The hair transplant refers to a complete process where the surgeon treats your hair fall or balding problem by removing hair follicles from a denser area of your scalp.  Such a dense area in your hair is known as the donor area. Then the process is followed by the implantation of the follicles into slits on the bald area of your scalp.

Types of hair transplantation:

There are usually two types of hair transplantation processes that are mostly available in the clinics for the best hair transplant in the UK.

  • Follicular Unit Strip Surgery or FUSS

Follicular Unit Strip Surgery or FUSS is one of the most used hair transplantation treatments in the UK. The process involves the removal of a strip of skin from the previously marked donor area in the scalp of the patient. The process includes the involvement of incision along with stitches. Process of FUSS then includes the use of a microscope for further separation of the donor skin into multiple or tiny follicular units. Each of the follicular units contains one or more follicles of hair which are further inserted into the balding areas where the treatment is being done.

  • Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE

The Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE refers to a  process that makes use of a small punching tool for removing the hair follicles from the marked donor area in the scalp.  The hair follicles are collected remotely and further harvested with the less noticeable thinning of the portion. At the best hair transplant in the UK using the FUE process, the hair is harvested on the scalp in circular incisions which are microscopic.

  • Follicular Unit Transplantation or FUT

The Follicular Unit Transplantation or  FUT refers to the removal of thin pieces of tissue from the back area of the scalp. The individual range of follicular units is then carefully removed from the strip with the help of a process called stereo microscopic dissection.  After the harvesting of the follicles, the wound is closed with the left of a fine linear scar.

Even though the problem of hair fall is highly concerning it can be treated easily using the right method of hair transplant in the UK. Are you looking for a reliable clinic in the UK? Then you can reach out to Want Hair Ltd to book your appointment and get the best success with your hair transplantation treatment.

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