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Ultimate Guide on Amazon Sponsored Product Ads

Amazon Sponsored Product Ads

Amazon’s presence in the online world is growing through its various advertising products. Amazon Advertising has become crucial for the success of online companies.

With ever-changing and constantly changing modifications and updates to the sponsored Ads on Amazon, companies must be aware of the tools available on Amazon to aid in their growth.


Amazon offers three kinds of sponsored advertising options that include sponsored display ads advertising sponsored by brands, and product advertisements. 


Each of these options lets advertisers select and improve their advertising campaigns to fit the needs of their business.

What are Amazon Sponsored Product Ads?

Sponsored product ads (SPA) are one type of Amazon pay-per-click (PPC) advertising system created to promote specific products on Amazon. 


They are product or keyword-specific ads that appear like organic search results and provide a link to the detail page for the product.


It will boost the visibility and sales of your preferred product through Amazon search results through the display of advertisements. 


It can help drive visitors to your product pages by targeting buyers with high intent and who are actively searching for items similar to yours.

What is the process?

You can choose the items you’d like to promote and the keywords you wish to target and choose the amount you wish to pay per click for each of your targets. Since it’s PPC (pay-per-click) the only time you be charged is when a consumer clicks your ad.

Where do Amazon-sponsored product ads display?

Sponsored Products advertisements are very difficult to ignore on Amazon since the ads closely match organic listing results. 

Check out this guide to learn the best strategies for Amazon-sponsored product ads.

They can appear on the results page, or to the right or at the bottom, and mixed in with the organic results further down and even on competitor’s product detail pages for both mobile and desktop devices.

Because Sponsored Product Ads are seen everywhere they are extremely valuable for sellers. Sponsored Product Ads are highly competitive. You must become a professional vendor to be eligible for them. Your ads will only show up when your item is in the running for Amazon’s buy box.

What can advertisers do with sponsored product advertising?

There is no requirement to have a brand registration for Sponsored Product Ads, unlike sponsored brands or Sponsored Display advertisements. That’s why they’re the most popular and efficient method for advertising Amazon.


Sponsored Products are available to professionals, vendors, brands, agencies, and manufacturers to create advertisements for their buy box suitable listings. The product must fall into one or more of the categories eligible and eligible for the Featured Offer to promote.


Sponsored Products can increase awareness of your items on Amazon regardless of your degree of experience in advertising.


The creative for your ad is generated automatically for you. Using automated targeting, Amazon will match your ads to search products and queries, which means that you can design and launch your campaign in only a few minutes. This is great for brand new advertisers on Amazon.


Because you can choose your budget, bids, and even the target of your campaign, Sponsored Products can be employed by any advertiser of any size to achieve various purposes for example

  • creating awareness for a new product,

  • advertising seasonal products,

  • Clearing excess inventory

  • showing a top-selling item or product, etc.

How do I set up Amazon Sponsored Product Ads?

As we said, unlike the other types of ads, sponsored product ads don’t need brands to register with the Amazon Brand Registry. You can easily create campaigns by following these steps:


  • Sign in to Your Seller Central account and click on the Campaign Manager beneath the Advertising tab.

  • Click on Create Campaign

  • Choose Sponsored Items from the type of campaign

  • Set the parameters for your marketing campaign. Name your campaign as well as the start and end dates, the daily budget, and the targeting option.

  • Create an advertisement group to advertise your goods. Select the items you wish to promote.

  • Select the target option between keyword or product.

  • Refine your bids according to the products or keywords (depending on the option to target you selected).

  • Preview how your ads might appear on different devices and websites Then, launch the campaign.

Targeting Options for Sponsored Product Ads

As we mentioned earlier, Sponsored Products have two ways to target:

  • Automatic Targeting

  • Manual Targeting

Automatic Targeting

This is an ideal alternative for sellers who are new to Amazon. It requires only a few minutes and effort to set up. All you have to create a campaign name and determine the cost-per-click (CPC) bid and the daily budget.


After this, Amazon does the rest. This option grants all power to Amazon. They’ll select the keywords and products to target which are similar to the items you have listed in your ad listings.


For a new seller, It will help you know what keywords your items display. It will help you determine which items are most well-known.


As you gain experience, it will allow you to eventually switch to manual targeting and improve it based on the knowledge you have gained and your performance records from automated targeting.

Manual Targeting

You’ll have more flexibility and control over your campaign using this option. This targeting option permits you to select to target consumers based on keywords, or items. Let’s look at each option.


Keywords Targeting

It allows you to select the list of keywords that you want to focus on. It may be necessary to conduct thorough keyword research to identify certain sets of keywords to be used in this particular option. Once you’ve compiled an inventory, you can modify your bids for each keyword.

Product Targeting

This option lets you can target brands, products, or categories. The option allows you to display your advertisements on specific product pages as well as the categories you have targeted. This feature also lets you set the daily as well as CPC price for the product.


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