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Unknown Facts About Synthetic Leather That You Must Know

Synthetic Leather is a kind of leather that is commonly known as an alternative to real leather. Numerous products are manufactured by using this type of leather. If you are a leather lover then while shopping for a new leather jacket, vests, pants, or trousers. You probably see some leather products that are made of this synthetic leather. Synthetic leather looks same as the real leather but it doesn’t have a single quality real leather. While synthetic leather is not an organic substance, though, real leather is an organic substance. Many people around us don’t know about this synthetic leather. In this context, we will see some facts about synthetic leather and get to know if they are better than original leather or not.

Facts About Synthetic Leather:f

There are numerous facts there about synthetic leather but here we are going to discuss only the essential one. So, let’s take a look at those facts that are very valuable for you.

Coated Base Material:

There are several kinds of synthetic leather on the market but most of them are made of coated-based material. This coated base material has a base layer of different materials like nylon and polyester. The manufacturer of this leather used one of those materials as a base and apply a thin layer of PVC or PU on that base. Then that material with a layer on it goes from a complete process and becomes a piece of synthetic leather. Synthetic leather has a PVC coating known as PVC faux leather. On the other hand, the leather has a PU coating known as PU faux leather.

More Capable of Cracks:

As we know that both real and faux leather can crack over time, but faux leather is more vulnerable to cracking. This cracking is mainly due to the material that is used to manufacture this faux leather. As faux leather has multiple layers of base material with PVC or PU coating. With passing time that PVC or PU coating becomes hard and that leads to the cracking of leather. Real leather, on the other hand, doesn’t crack like this because it doesn’t laminate with PVC or PU. Moreover, you can apply conditioner on the real leather and prevent it from cracking. A conditioner provides enough moisture that keeps the leather soft for a long time.

Emerged During Second World War:

As history tells us that real leather emerged during the first world war. After the war that leather was used to manufacture numerous items. But the synthetic was unknown to those people until the supplies of real leather become very less. This happened during the second world war and at that time manufacturers use synthetic materials. To create a new element that was the substitute for real leather and that new material was known as faux leather. Faux leather of that time was known as Presstoff which consists of a paper-based material that has the same texture as real leather. With that invention, faux leather grabs its fingers in the market and till now they are the best replacement for real leather.

Types of Synthetic Leather:

Synthetic leather comes with two kinds of leather products which includes leather jackets, leather pants, and trousers. Those two types are porous vs impermeable and it depends on their manufacturing. Real leather is porous which means they have small pores on the surface of that leather. From those pores, water can rinse into leather very easily and leather automatically starts absorbing water. This situation is very bad for real leather because real leather can damage leather very badly. On the other hand, synthetic leather is available on both porous and impermeable surfaces. Impermeable means the surface of the jacket doesn’t have any pores or holes. This kind of faux leather provides more protection against water than porous ones. As there are no holes on the surface therefore this leather never absorbs water in it. Or you can say that this type of leather is waterproof but this can’t be said about the porous leather.

Inexpensive Than Real Leather:

The main advantage of buying synthetic leather products over real ones is the cost of that product. Average synthetic leather products cost very less than real leather products. As we know that real leather is obtained from the hides of several animals. It passes through several processes and is then tanned to form leather and this whole process takes several weeks to complete. That is why real leather costs so much due to the prolonged process.

You can buy real leather products such as biker leather jackets for men, women’s leather jackets, motorcycle leather trousers, men’s leather vests, and many more.

This buying is then compared to a long-time investment. Although artificial leather costs so much less than real leather, it doesn’t have a single quality of real leather in it.

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