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Vaporizers: What are they? What benefits do they have?

How to use them?

It has been more than 20 years since the first vaporizers appeared and in recent years many marijuana users have switched from smoke to vaporizers. Vaporization is a much healthier way to consume marijuana and its extractions than if we smoke them, and marijuana vaporizers are a much cleaner and safer way than smoke. you can buy these products with medical marijuana card from any marijuana dispensary.

The vaporizers marijuana allow you to extract more cannabinoids than smoking, making enhance the experience for these reasons and many more, are every day more people that are passed from the smoke vapor.

What is a vaporizer and what benefits do they have?

The vaporizers are able to extract the active components of marijuana without having to combustion (burn marijuana) and generating smoke, vaporizers work by heating the pot at high temperatures but without actually making them burn with this getting in Instead of smoke, vapor comes out, in that vapor the active components of marijuana will be found and in much more quantity than in the smoke that we inhale when smoking, and with the benefit of having almost no harmful substances, which are very abundant in smoke.

When we smoke we are burning the marijuana, we burn it so that through combustion we release the active components of marijuana (terpenes, cannabinoids, flavonoids, etc …) to our smoke. When smoking, the combustion or burning of marijuana produces smoke in which about 85% are harmful particles such as carbon monoxide or tar, which, added to the high temperatures of the smoke, irritate the lungs and respiratory tract.

A vaporizing the marijuana got steam over 95% of the components of active marijuana without generating harmful substances just as carbon monoxide or tar as smoking occurs.

Vaporizing can also improve your experience because vaporized marijuana is more powerful than smoked and depending on the vaporization temperatures you will take advantage of some active components or others, that is why modern vaporizers incorporate a very precise temperature control so that you achieve the exact effect that you seek.

What types of vaporizers are there?

To vaporize your marijuana you will first need to choose a vaporizer that suits your preferences when consuming your marijuana, there are different types of vaporizers for marijuana and according to their benefits they can be:

Portable or desktop vaporizers: These portable vaporizers offer you mobility and autonomy compared to desktop vaporizers, however, there are some portable vaporizers that do not have the power to heat marijuana as fast as desktop vaporizers. Desktop vaporizers are more durable, generally heat up faster than portable vaporizers, and you can brew larger amounts than a portable one.

Convection or conduction vaporizers: Today almost all vaporizers are convection, and conduction vaporizers are hardly manufactured, although there are still designs that are very economical and of great quality, such as the vaponic.

Vaporizers for concentrates, oils, or dry marijuana: Normally some vaporizers come with the necessary materials to vaporize marijuana, oils and concentrates, but only some. There are also some accessories to add to electronic pipes and to be able to vaporize concentrates such as the clearomizer atomizer.

There are thousands of vaporizers but among steam fans, there are very clear choices for quality and performance:

Arizer Extreme Q

This desktop vaporizer is one of the best vaporizers on the market for its functionality, its quality, and its finish. Top-quality materials and a European assembly

The Arizer Extreme Q vaporizer allows you to vaporize dry marijuana, concentrates, and oils. In addition, this vaporizer can act as a fragrance evaporating liquid essences and dispersing them with its 3-speed fan.

You can use this vaporizer by inhaling directly from a hose tube or by filling balloons with steam. It has a remote control, it heats marijuana very quickly and in a more homogeneous way (equalized) than other vaporizers, they also offer you a lifetime guarantee on heater failures, we are a gem.


The Volcano is perhaps the most popular vaporizer currently on the market, this vaporizer is very robust, it has a lot of weight, something good for a desktop vaporizer, its German design gives this product a lot of reliability, they usually offer a 3-year warranty on their products.

There are 2 versions of the Volcano, a version with analog temperature control and another with digital temperature control.

With this vaporizer, you can vaporize dry marijuana and its concentrates, but you will have to do it in plastic balloons, volcano vaporizers work with a system of nozzles to fill the balloons, there are basically 2 models: Solid valve (steel valve) or easy valve ( plastic valve).


The Fuzion VP-350 vaporizer is a desktop vaporizer, a very good option if you don’t want to spend a lot of money, this vaporizer has a very simple operation, it has digital temperature control to select the temperature you want through an LCD screen.

This vaporizer is compact, economical, functional, and with a very attractive design. The bowl is made of borosilicate and the hose is silicone so that no particles are released in the vapor that is not found in marijuana. This vaporizer only allows you to vaporize dry marijuana.

Da Vinci

The Da Vinci vaporizer is perhaps one of the best portable vaporizers out there. This vaporizer has exceptional quality and design compared to other portable vaporizers.

It is ultralight, weighs around 150g, heats up very quickly, has adjustable temperature control and a display that shows the temperatures.

This portable vaporizer can vaporize dry marijuana, concentrates, and oil. It has a filling chamber for oils and a flexible tube with a mouthpiece to comfortably vape whatever you prefer and has 3 internal lithium-ion batteries for greater autonomy ( 1 hour and a half of use ) and a faster recharge (less than 3h for a full charge). Also allows great drafts and heats up to 207ºC.


This portable vaporizer has a very practical design, is extremely cheap, and is very discreet.

In this vaporizer, you will not need to crush the marijuana but you will have to heat the marijuana with a lighter or kitchen torch through the glass of the vaponic to steam your marijuana.

Its dual current vaporization system based on convection and heat conduction allows you to enjoy a cooler vapor in your puffs.

It is made in Europe, so its quality in terms of materials and assembly is much higher than other similar vaporizers.

By Verdamper

This vaporizer looks like a bong (water pipe) with a heat gun at first glance, but make no mistake about it, the Verdamper is one of the best vaporizers out there, although it does have some problems such as its fragility, lack of temperature control and excessive size.

The really good thing about this vaporizer is its filtering system, as it cools the steam by passing it through the water, eliminating any possible rest of unwanted substances, and cooling the temperature of the puff.

The Verdamper is made with a medical glass manufactured in Europe and of very high quality, which makes this vaporizer quite expensive, but without a doubt, it is one of the best options in terms of desktop vaporizers, compared to other vaporizers the Verdamper is very fragile but however, it offers a vapor of 1st quality.

What temperatures should I apply in the vaporization?

When you go to vaporize your marijuana you should know that its active components, cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavinoids evaporate at different temperatures ranging from 155ºC to 220ºC.

The active components of marijuana (cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids) have different evaporation temperatures and you will notice more pronounced effects towards some cannabinoids or others. Normally low temperatures (185ºC) give a more cerebral high, while at higher temperatures (200ºC) the high becomes more physical, however experimenting with temperatures is key, we all have different preferences when consuming our marijuana and Finding the temperature that best suits your marijuana is a very good idea.

The best temperature range to vaporize marijuana is between 180º and 210º, in that range, you extract more cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavinoids than at temperatures outside that range, do tests with your marijuana to find what temperature is the one that produces the effect that you are looking for.

THC, which is the main psychoactive component of marijuana, begins to evaporate at 155ºC ~ 157ºC.

THC Delta 8 has anxiolytic effects (against anxiety), is neuroprotective, stimulates the appetite, and calms pain. Delta 8 THC evaporates between 170 ° C ~ 180 ° C.

CBD, which is an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antipsychotic and helps prevent seizures and spasms, has an evaporation temperature that ranges from 160ºC to 180ºC.

CBN, which has relaxing properties, is antiemetic (prevents nausea and vomiting) is an anticonvulsant (prevents seizures and spasms) and its evaporation begins at around 185ºC.

CBC has anti-inflammatory properties, it is analgesic and antibacterial, it evaporates at around 220ºC.

THCV is psychoactive, has an energizing effect, and has medicinal qualities such as reducing anxiety and promoting the creation of bone cells, this component of marijuana evaporates at 220ºC.

Remember that marijuana from 230ºC begins to burn and generate combustion (smoke).

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