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Versatile Sparkles: 7 Different Uses Of Diamonds

Did you know that there are other uses of diamonds aside from jewelry? This hardest natural substance is not just for glamour but also for other things you won’t even think of.

The sparkles brought about by diamonds can make everyone happy because even though you’re not an expert, you can tell that they’re beautiful. You can normally see them on rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

Furthermore, it’s the go-to jewelry centrepiece because people are aware that diamond is forever. Its quality can’t be easily worn out, unlike the other gems. The most popular diamonds are from the Argyle mine in Australia. It’s famous for high-quality colourless diamonds, as well as fancy-coloured like a pink diamond.


If you want to know what are the other uses of diamonds, then you should check the list below!


1. Beauty products

Have you ever heard of diamond peel? You might have heard it more than once if you’re a regular customer in a dermatological clinic. Its main function is to reduce wrinkles and make your skin look younger.

However, its unbelievable results will cost you a fortune. You see, it’s not a one-time thing. If you avail of the treatment package, you’ll have to go through it as much as ten times. They use colourless diamonds for treatments because you don’t want to have pink diamond skin, right?

Other popular facial treatments that use diamonds, aside from diamond peel, are diamond-flecked spray, diamond facial, and diamond dust exfoliator. These treatments were well-received by Hollywood celebrities like Jenifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian.

2. Industrial purposes

The hardness of diamond made it the best candidate for industrial purposes. Its strength is well-known as effective for cutting, drilling, and polishing so it’s usually placed at the s and edges of the tools and equipment.

Did you know that diamonds are also used when cutting and polishing newly mined diamonds? They’re used to make ideal cuts and to maintain the sparkles on the gems.

Aside from that, diamonds are also known for being a good conductor of heat that makes them five times as effective as silver.

3. Speakers

High-quality speakers sometimes have diamond pieces on their domes. The continuous vibration of the speaker won’t bend diamonds since they are strong and can last long. In addition, without the possibility of deformation, the sound quality will not deteriorate.

So if you’re into music with a fast beat, then you should try buying speakers with diamond domes. The rapid vibration won’t damage your speaker even just a little.

Another music-related piece of equipment that uses diamonds is the needle used to play records. Popular DJs use it to play high-quality audio.

speaker uses diamonds

4. Dental tools

As mentioned before, the strength of diamonds can be used as drilling tools just like the once you see dentists used. Yes, your dentist appointment can be as fancy as diamonds making your teeth good as new.

The polishing tools, used for cleaning your teeth and setting teeth fillings, can also have diamonds on the edges.

5. Automotive parts

Diamonds have been widely used in the automotive industry. High-tech cars usually have a carat or two of high-quality diamonds. There are a lot of components in car-making that feature the use of these precious stones.

Additionally, even car maintenance tools can have diamonds in them such as window polishers and coat grinding wheels. Maybe you can customise it and add a pink diamond piece.

6. Medicines

Aside from all the equipment-related things that include diamonds, they can also be used for health reasons. The tiny particles of diamonds have health benefits with can help fight diseases such as cancer.

It doesn’t mean that they need to be taken orally. Medical experts incorporate nanodiamonds into chemotherapy treatments to make them more effective. Moreover, they help the doctors to monitor the progress of the cells since they can reflect the light coming from the equipment they use.

Speaking of sparkles and light reflections, researchers are also developing bionic eyes and eye implants made from diamonds.

medicine uses diamonds

7. Windows

Another medical field-related use of diamonds is the diamond windows which are commonly used to cover vacuum chambers, x-ray machines, and lasers. Diamond windows are the best option to protect these sensitive tools.

The strength and durability of diamonds can help to maintain the accuracy of the test results from these machines.


Isn’t it amazing how these sparkly gems can help people in many different ways? Diamonds should last forever not just as jewelry, but also for other uses. If you know any more uses of diamonds, you can share them with us by leaving a comment below!

Aliana Baraquio

Aliana Baraquio is a web content writer during the day, and an aspiring chef before dinner time. You can catch her browsing the internet for the latest hairstyles and hair care tips in her free time.

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