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Watching Movies Was Never A Hobby!

That is what our parents have convinced us. They always told us that movies are like the desired activity we get as a prize when we complete an undesired activity, like studying.

However, many studies have shown that watching movies is a much healthier activity than scrolling through social media mindlessly. It is hard to believe, but if you wish to have a digital detox and make the most out of your weekend without the internet, you might as well download some comfort movies.

If you are planning on an internet detox while watching movies, you cannot rely on OTT sources. Therefore, download all your favorite movies from The Pirate Bay for free.

Why Is It Good?

If you are still having a hard time believing that watching movies can actually do you good. Then there are some of the pointers which can convince you.

1. Improves Relationship

Remember when you first started dating?

How exciting it was to go to the movies. However, just because you are not doing it right now does not automatically mean that there is no spark left. Yes, life catches up, and you cannot always make the time to go to the movies.

But that doesn’t mean you can simply give up on your relationship and cast it aside. Do not have time to go to the movies, why not bring movie nights back? Get a comfortable space ready for you and your partner, and sit down for your favorite comfort movies at least twice a week.

You will see an exponential improvement in your relationship.

2. Boosts Your Mood

You are feeling down for some reason!

No, it is not depression but some lingering sadness from any current event which has taken zeal away from your body. Did you know that diving into a different reality can help you boost your mood?

You can either pick a new movie. But, we would suggest you make a playlist for movies that puts you in a good mood. Download them from the link given above, and just play when you are feeling down.

We all have those movies which either bring a comforting childhood nostalgia or make us forget the current reality for a hot minute, and that is exactly what you need right now.

5. Great Source Of Motivation

Movies are a great source of motivation when you are running low on motivation. This could be anything.

– A lack of confidence.

– Over Exhaustion from all the work.

But watching a character dealing with the same issues and coming out of it is an excellent way to motivate ourselves. Psychologists believe heavily in this concept called observational learning where. This is where we learn vicariously from someone else’s experience.

Watching someone in a movie is like watching another character experience the hardships of life and then overcome them. This is why movies are such a great source of motivation and play a crucial role in fixing our mental health in the long run.

4. Relaxation From All The Stress

You have a very stressful day in the office, and on top of that, you had an unnecessary argument with your boss.

Your energy meter is already at the lowest of the low. You got some takeout and sat on the sofa. Now, rather than simply sulking throughout the evening and then eventually falling back to sleep, you can put on a movie.

We have already discussed before how movies are a great source of a mood booster, but it also helps us detach from the current reality. This means that when we forget about all the stressful situations we have been through throughout the night, we will eventually relax.

Plus, it is that one task where you are not doing anything. You are simply filling your stomach and enjoying a good movie.

Go ahead; you deserved it!

It Is Therapy!

Have you always felt a sense of tranquility whenever you watch your favorite movie?

Is the ‘relaxation always worth it?

Turns out it is not just you. Many people feel this way when they watch a movie, plus it is a great way to inspire us to a new realization. So much so that psychotherapists use a method called cinema therapy to get people to start talking.

Stop feeling guilty, and get downloading right away!

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