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Wealthy Tips For The Quick Internet Setup Of Tenda

Wireless Router!

The Tenda Wireless Router can establish quick internet connections with its high speed. It offers your devices 1200 Mbps of wireless speed that can provide a seamless connection between the router and the client device. As it provides dual-band wireless speed and can be linked up to twenty devices simultaneously. The Tenda normal router is compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, or various streaming gadgets. It has four omnidirectional high gain antennas with MU-MIMO or Beamforming advanced technology. With breakthrough wireless technology, you can get optimum coverage throughout all the corners of your residence.

The Tenda Wi-Fi router reset is manageable from anywhere in the world because you have access to the router in the palm of your hand. You can control your wireless connection with the Tenda WiFi app. It is a user-friendly tool, if you are a parent then you can still access the router using the app. With its four WiFi LAN ports you can get a secure and fast wireless connection.

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Quick Internet Setup With Tenda Wireless Router

Having a secure and safest wifi connection in your home network is a kind of blessing for the user. With the Tenda wireless router, you can enjoy yourself with your loved ones without being interrupted by the continuous network dropping. Moreover, the router is fully compatible with the major internet service providers. So you don’t need to worry about its connection. You just need to do the quick internet setup that helps you access the internet connection all through the house. Here are the tips for a safe internet connection are:

Check the package First

Before you prepare for the setup of the Tenda router, you need to prepare or check some important things that are required before or during the setup on the wireless router. In the package, you will find a Tenda wireless router, power adapter, ethernet cable, and another cable that is provided by the ISP. You should have an upgraded browser that can easily run with the Tenda router. Along with that, you need to gather some information router’s IP address, subnet mask, gateway, DNS server, or alternate DNS server.

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Hardware Installation

After checking the package, now you have to do the hardware installation of the Tenda router. But first, ensure that you have stable internet connectivity. For the hardware installation, you need to connect the cable to the WAN port of the wireless router. Simply connect one port to the RJ45 port of the computer with the use of an Ethernet cable. After that connect the router with a protected power strip via a power adapter.

Quick Internet Setup

For the quick internet setup of the wireless router to change the fixed or static IP address of your computer so that it can automatically obtain the IP address. If you are unable to do it then you can go for the manual option in which you have to do the configuration of the router step-by-step.

First of all, open the wen manager and enter tendawifi.com login into the search bar. You can also use default IP address for the login to the web page of the Tenda wireless router. When you have successfully reached the web page, you can clearly see the login window on your computer screen. After doing this, the router will automatically detect the WLAN connection. Now simply follow the on-screen instructions after the successful detection of the internet type. Later on, press the enter key and you are prompted on the setup screen of the router. Aftermost, press on the OK button.

Establish a secure Internet connection

After all the settings are done, now the device will automatically verify the screen status. On the web screen, if you see the connection status is ‘connected’ which means you are connected to the internet connection successfully. If it displays that ‘cable improperly connected’ which simply means the connection between the internet and the wireless router fails. So if you want that this situation does not occur with you then set up the cable connected properly with the internet site of the WAN port of the router. If all the steps are accomplished perfectly then the screen displays ‘connecting’ or ‘connected ‘.

Review on Tenda Wireless Router

The Tenda normal router is the best option if your network is continuously falling down then this router can help you to get rid of all the networking problems. With easy installation and configuration, the router seems to be very decent with your home network. It acts as a bridge between the client device and the dead zone.

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