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What are Different Types Of Business Insurance?

Company insurance is a way of protection against potential financial loss due to uncertainties in the industry. It’s a basic form of risk management, mainly employed to mitigate the risk of an unknown or contingent liability. However, in the United Kingdom there are a number of professional bodies that offer insurance as a professional service. They can also help an individual or business to protect their interests, either through purchasing insurance or arranging cover for their staff. Professional indemnity insurance policies can be bought on for any company size or type. For example, there are general policy packages available for small, medium and large businesses.

General Insurance Protection

As well as general insurance protection, there is specific coverage for a number of different situations. Some of these situations are: damage caused by a product, loss of profits, damage caused by an employee, damage caused by a third party (including damage caused by an intruder). Most business owners or consumers will purchase a basic policy that covers their employees and their products. These coverages will often be enough to protect small businesses and individuals, but a few specialized items may be needed. In order to get the right level of protection for your needs, it makes sense to consult with professional insurance advisers who can help you decide what you need, when you need it, and where you need it.

Liability Coverage

One situation that business insurance is frequently required is liability coverage. While most of us are aware of the need to protect ourselves against liability, many less than honest people exist in the world today. Liability covers a number of situations that include: assault, defamation, negligence, advertising claims, property damage, and advertising fraud. Basically, it protects you against lawsuits, for damages that occur as a result of using or performing a product, or negligence that happens at your place of business. In order to determine the level of liability coverage you need, it’s important to know exactly what you are putting yourself into.


Purchase Professional Liability Insurance

When you decide to purchase professional liability insurance, you’re taking the necessary steps to protect your company against excessive or potential losses that might occur in relation to the activities of your business. In order to help cover your employees, you can take out policies that require each employee to carry a particular level of coverage. For example, some policies might require your accounting firm to carry combined professional liability insurance along with the business itself.

For small Businesses

Small business owners or self-employed professionals who may use their homes for their business need to keep in mind that they are also putting themselves at risk should they fall victim to a fire or other disaster at home. Homeowner’s insurance can help cover the cost of replacing any property that’s damaged, such as a house or car. While homeowners insurance won’t cover you if you injure yourself on the property, many companies offer special coverage known as “umbrella” policies that will provide insurance coverage on just that.

Business Insurance 

Business insurance is usually purchased by businesses that have a physical location rather than an office building. Physical locations may include such things as garages, storefronts, factories, hotels and so forth. A good example of this would be a printing company that has its operations at a retail outlet rather than a warehouse. Many physical locations are vulnerable to disasters, including fires, earthquakes, hurricanes and even the ice storm of March 2008. If your business operates from a physical location rather than an office building, you can get special coverage that will help cover your losses in those situations.

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Professional Liability Insurance

Another type of specialized business insurance is professional liability. This type of policy covers contractors, architects, engineers and other professionals that work for a company. As an example, if you used contractors to build or remodel a piece of business property, you could be held liable if they injure people while on your property. The good news is that professional liability insurance coverage comes in various forms that you can choose from. You can choose from general liability, special damages and workers’ compensation, which cover you if a contractor or employee gets injured on your business property.


In addition, there is product liability insurance coverage that will cover any damages that a person may suffer from using a particular product that is manufactured by a certain company. For example, if you are a landscaper and someone trips on your lawn mower, you may be held liable for any injuries that person suffers from using your product. Product liability insurance coverage differs from professional liability insurance in the way that the coverage is defined under the policy. Although a professional tax accountant in york covers your company against professional negligence claims, product liability insurance only covers damages that are suffered by a person as a result of using a product that your company manufactures.

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