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What are the Best 8-Seater SUVs?

So what is the best 8 seater SUV for a family of four? The answer will vary from person to person, but there are a few things that are universally understood. First off, it has to have enough room to carry the weight of the passengers and their luggage comfortably. Second, it has to have good gas mileage, so buying a vehicle with high horsepower is not necessarily going to be the best idea.

What is the best 8-passenger SUV for a family of four? A Ford Focus holds the top spot on our list. It has a great gas mileage, low insurance costs, and an excellent selection of models and colors. It also offers good handling, high performance, and enough trunk space to load up some cargo. If you need cargo space, go with the Legacy or Focus models.

However, if you need more cargo space without spending too much money, you should consider looking into Honda’s Canyon and Excel models. Both of these vehicles offer comfortable seats, great gas mileage, and tons of cargo space. What is the best 8-passenger SUV for a family of four? That is still a topic for another article.

Top 6 Best 8 Passenger SUVs

#1. Ford Focus

In this article, we will cover the top four vehicles from the perspective of family size. What are the best 8 seater SUV for families? Thanks to its great gas mileage and tech features, the Ford Focus is the best bet in this group. If you live in a little area where there aren’t any highways and many back roads to traverse, the Ford Focus can be the best choice. Even with an extended warranty, the base Ford Focus will be fairly low. However, the Focus will offer plenty of room, good seating, and a quality gas fuel combination.

#2. Honda Odyssey

The second-best passenger SUV in this list is the Honda Odyssey. While it doesn’t have the best gas mileage or a great seating capacity, the Odyssey does offer a great ride and is relatively affordable. The Odyssey also offers great tech features like Side Airbags and Electronic Brakeforce Distribution. The Odyssey is not the best choice if safety is your main concern, but it has excellent safety elements.

#3. Honda Civic

The third-best eight-passenger SUV in this list is the redesigned Honda Civic. This vehicle offers great tech features, including Honda Ride Control, Voice Recognition, Quick Key, USB ports, iPod integration, and more. What is the best 8 passenger SUV for a family of four? In short, it is the Civic! For those with larger families, the Odyssey is the better choice.

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#4. Toyota Prius

The fourth-best eight-passenger SUV in this list is the redesigned Toyota Prius. This vehicle offers great fuel efficiency and a wide variety of luxury features. The Prius is a great choice for buyers who want a small, powerful, and comfortable car with all the latest tech. What is the best fuel efficiency SUV? That would be the Honda Civic.

#5. Kia Triton

The fifth best 8-seater SUV in this list is the newest entry from the Korean manufacturer Kia. The V6 Engine from Kia boasts some of the best fuel efficiency numbers seen in the segment, which is what you need if you are looking for a small, powerful, and comfortable car. With its new mid-engine design, the V6 will likely favor consumers who demand a smaller size without sacrificing power. What is the best 8-seater SUV? This answer should be easy – the new Kia Triton.

The best 8-seater SUV on this list is the redesigned Kia Triton. The powerful V8 engine promises to deliver excellent fuel economy numbers while also delivering an all-around comfortable ride. What is the best 8-seater SUV? Again, the new Kia Tucson has it. With its powerful yet compact engine and powerful but refined styling, the Tucson is sure to please even the most selective of purchasers. What is the best 8-seater SUV?

#6. Ford C-MAX

The final entry in this series is the all-new Ford C-MAX. With its twin-turbocharged flat-plane engine, the Ford C-MAX offers plenty of power. What is the best 8-seater SUV? Likely the winning ticket for this segment goes to the Ford C-MAX, powered by a 5. ylid gasoline turbo-methanol engine. Other entries in the top eight include the Mazda 3, Dodge Ram SRT, Honda Civic, Hyundai Sonata, Toyota Prius, and Toyota Camry.

It was a very difficult series of tests to determine what is the best eight-passenger SUV. Ultimately, it was a matter of weighing what people value, determined by price and seating capacity.

While the various manufacturers had their models that met our criteria, it was a matter of consensus that most shoppers would not find these seats too comfortable. In this case, it was seating capacity that mattered the most. Fortunately, Tucson has been deemed the best all-around car.

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