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What are the different benefits of procuring

a Demonstration License?

A Demonstration License is a business permit issued by the Wireless Planning and Coordination Wing. The licensees of this authorization are dealers or service providers who wish to demonstrate wireless products t the masses. Is this business permit critical? And if that’s the case, what does a license have to gain from it? Let’s discuss answers to these through this article.

Wireless products – their import and manufacturing – has contributed to India’s rise in the telecommunication sector. As a result, the government of India has started dispensing licenses for various kinds. Some allow one to import wireless products, while others provide authorization to demonstrate wireless equipment. The latter is called the demonstration license – the business authorization that is the core of this blog.

Here, we will dive into this topic and discern the importance of a demonstration license in India. You will also know why this business authorization is mandatory in India.

The reason demonstration license is mandatory in India.

Despite its many telecommunication advances, India still lags behind high-quality telecom products. Most exporters think of the Indian citizens as naive – individuals who will grasp anything they feel is the “new” technology. Therefore, the government of India had to introduce several measures. The primary purpose of introducing a demonstration license was:

  1. Regulating the import of wireless products,
  2. Ensuring that products imported in India are of high quality,
  3. Enforcing regulatory restrictions on wireless equipment produced in India

Because of these three factors, we have a bounty of high-quality wireless products in the country. Without them, foreign nations would think of us as naive – and peddling their wasteful wireless products to our shores.

Benefits of Demonstration License in India

The following are the benefits one can joy after obtaining permission to exhibit a wireless product:

Creating Hype in the Market

It is no news that demonstration can create anticipation in the market. And when you have the license to do so, you can be as creative as you wish when it comes to enhancing your product’s marketability.  Read More: IPLC License

Enhancing the product’s reach

Dealer’s demonstrate their wireless equipment for one purpose: trading. And the farther your product’s reach is, the higher your trading capacity will be. Therefore, one should acquire the demonstrate license. It gives the legal right to the licensee to expand the market base for their products.

Complying with the regulatory requirements

One can’t demonstrate the wireless products while ignoring the regulatory necessities. The WPC’s stamp of approval that empowers one to exhibit the wireless equipment allows the product and the product-marker to thrive.

Enhanced trust in the market

Those who demonstrate their wireless equipment before putting it on sale have more trust from the customers. As people are already privy to licensee’s products, customer trust increases. Consequently, the market is not in the dark about the equipment and show more confidence when buying the product.


The niche nature of wireless products makes people apprehensive about them. However, sellers can first exhibit the equipment to their prospects courtesy of the demonstration license.

This permission allows them to establish more trust in the market while at the same time making their business legitimate in the eyes of WPC. Read More : Trademark Renewal

Are there any benefits of getting the demonstration license? Yes, there are. Navigate this blog to know about the reason behind the existence of this license and its benefits

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