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What are the different styles of cardboard boxes

to pack perfumes

In the packaging market, there are different printed cardboard boxes in which perfumes are packed. Perfumes are considered luxurious items which are now becoming a necessity for every individual. Their scents range from floral to fruity to woody and much more. Often people say that if you want to judge someone’s personality then observe their fragrance choice. The perfumes create a great impression and leave an everlasting impression.  You must have observed that perfumes have sturdy packaging that gives them a luxurious look. Customers prefer packaging which is convenient for them. Furthermore, the sizes of the boxes are just right for the bottle. The bottle does not move from its place while packed in printed cardboard boxes.

In this article, we shall discuss the delightful and sturdy styles of perfume boxes. Which creates an impressive look and enhances the sales.

Vertical style slim and rigid box

In this style of packaging, the bottle remains vertical and does not get damaged easily. However, in the USA this style of perfume packaging is most popular. The box has two openings from top and bottom. Which gives the user convenience to use on daily basis. Further the brand’s logo and tag line print to the center of the packaging at the front and back sides.

Ball shape box

Perfume boxes packaging enhances the customer’s experience.  The perfume bottles which are round in shape need extra cushioning from their packaging. Otherwise, they might get damaged. To secure the bottles from scratches and other defects the round shape printed cardboard boxes are ideal.

Cotton material box

In such style, the perfume bottle is packed in cotton material packaging. The packaging secures and protects the perfume from damage. In addition, the customers have the option to customize according to their needs. Further, for the convenience of customers, the brands use such packaging. it is eco-friendly and can be used in several other ways.

Customized box

In the customized box, the customers can make their packaging. Similarly, the customers have the option to print the name of their own or the recipient if they are sending them as a gift. Perfume boxes packaging meet the expectation of the customers by giving them the option to customize the perfume box.  The brands can emboss or deboss their logo, symbol, and taglines to make the packaging more prominent.

Tube box

In tube shape box the extra slim and smart perfume bottles are packed. These packagings are budget and space-friendly. however, you can put them in your bag and refresh yourself.  Although the packaging secures the bottle and it in its original position.


The above-discussed styles are common styles to pack perfumes. The printed cardboard boxes look attractive when perfumes are packed into them. Further, perfumes are luxurious items. People spend on them if their fragrance and packaging attract them. These boxes are so beautiful that they can be given as gifts. I hope you liked this article. For further articles stay in touch with our website. Thanks for taking the time to read it.

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