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What is a Photography and its Purpose ! creative3media

Ever since photography was invented, there has been a debate as to whether it is an art or a science.

Some saw photography solely as a way to record reality. Others, as a way to create art.

This discussion continues to this day.

I think photography is a fantastic tool to express ourselves. Therefore, it is an art.

But not only that.

It may be the art that best defines the contemporary man.

Benefits of photography in the 21st century

 The photography of our time perfectly reflects the beliefs, aspirations, and ways of understanding the life of the people of the 21st century.

  • Connect with the here and now
  • It is democratic (anyone can consume and produce it)
  • Use the outside world, to express the inside
  • It is an incredible tool to know yourself
  • Create new social habits. We use it to show what our life is like.
  • It speaks both of the photographed subject, video production, and the photographer
  • Lets you stop time and save it forever
  • It is made up of bits and lives in a virtual world (it is pure information)
  • It is global and it does not understand borders (once the shutter is fired it can be consumed anywhere in the world)

The photographic language

The problem is that being such a close and familiar art, we underestimate the complexity of the medium.

Everyone can read a photograph, but few know how to communicate with it. The photographic language is more difficult to decipher than it seems.

The difference between the ability to read it and speak it causes the first misunderstandings. The more we know the visual language, the more we can communicate.

We are born with an innate visual culture and we unintentionally develop it over time. We are all great consumers of images. Every Day, We see hundreds or thousands of photographs. This provides us with a certain visual culture. But many times, it is insufficient.

To better express ourselves through visual language, we must learn to speak it.

But, before learning visual grammar we should know what we want to say. This is much more important.

I photograph, therefore I am

We photograph more and think less.

This generates tremendous ambient noise. Creative3media talks and talks through our photographs. Many times, without knowing what we say. Everyone knows how to photograph, but few people know why they do it. Only when we know why we photograph will we know how to do it.

The problem is that we want to learn to photograph long before we know what we want to tell. It is as if we studied English only to say single words, without articulating a meaningful sentence. I want to appeal to photography with meaning. I want us to look inside and know what it is that we need to express.

Only when we know “who” we are and “what” we photograph, will we know “how” we are going to tell it. The problem is that we always do it the other way around. We start with “how” and almost never know “why” we do it.

What is the purpose of our photography?

Just take photos. Shooting for shooting, the only thing that contributes is to create more background noise.

To create an image that can contribute something, we must first ask ourselves:

  • Why do I need to create?
  • What’s inside me and I’m dying to get it out?
  • What can I contribute to society thanks to my creativity?
  • What is truly important to me?
  • What’s my photography about?

All the photographs speak to us. They can be banal, incoherent, or convey deep ideas or feelings. The difference lies in the art of the photographer.

What is the reason why you photograph?

We can use the camera to express ourselves and make art or for other less important uses.

  • personal memories
  • historical documents
  • Political propaganda
  • Socialize through social networks
  • Artistic expression

The reasons are so different that they often cause confusion.

The camera is a very contemporary tool that offers us a multitude of possibilities. Similar to computer or mobile. The use and enjoyment that it allows can be very different, sometimes even opposite.

In summary, there are two types of ways of understanding photography:

  • It can be only utilitarian. As a tool to document and record.
  • It can be built with the same stuff as our dreams.  As a tool of expression, the subjectivity of the artist. Seeing photographs lead us to imagine and dream. It has great evocative power. The power of the camera is in our hands. The use we give it will depend on each one.

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