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What is Cat6 Shielded Plenum Cable and Why do You Need It?

Cat6 Shielded Plenum Cable is the cutting-edge ethernet cable that is widely used in all sorts of local area networks from residential buildings to corporate offices.

It is fast, affordable, and it requires minimum maintenance. It not only supports high-speed data transfer rates but also meets the toughest fire safety standards. Verified by EIA/TIA and other regulatory bodies, the shielded cat6 plenum cable is one of the safest ethernet cables available in the market.

Given its popularity and widespread use, we believe it is important to introduce this shielded cable 1000ft to other consumers. And so in this blog, we will look into what it is and why you might need it as well.

Let’s get into it.

What is a Shielded Cable?

Not just the Cat6 Shielded Cable but all shielded ethernet cables have a metal foil (usually aluminum) wrapped around the conductor wires to deflect the electromagnetic interference and crosstalk caused by other cables in the wired network.

Simply put, any shielded cable is a cable that is specifically designed to be efficient using a metal foil as a protective sheath against EMI and interference. This shielding is pivotal in enhancing the performance of the cable and this is where it gets its name, ‘shielded cable’.

In densely populated LAN networks, shielding a cable is mandatory. However, it is also crucial in keeping the integrity of signal transmission in long-distance data transfers.

What is a Plenum Cable?

A plenum cable is one that has a communications multipurpose plenum (CMP) jacket wrapped around it. Plenum-rated jackets meet the highest fire safety standards and are flexible to allow for a smooth and easy installation procedure.

The self-extinguishing and zero-smoke emitting properties of these jackets make them desirable for HVAC ducts in buildings. The ‘low smoke zero halogens’ materials that these jackets are made out of are highly resistant to heat, humidity, and other extreme environmental conditions. That is why shielded bulk plenum cables are also installed in outdoor runs.

What is Cat6 Shielded Plenum Cable?

Well, as you might guess; a Cat6 Shielded Plenum Cable is made out of 23 AWG conductor wires that are protected from interference by a metal shielding and wrapped in a heavy-duty plenum jacket.

Specs: The cable has a data transfer rate of up to 1 Gbps over a 100-meter run and provides a bandwidth capacity of 550 MHz.

If you run the cable at under 50 meters in length, you can also achieve 10 Gigabit data transfer rates. The most important fact to know about the bulk Cat6 Plenum cable is its wide compatibility and supportability for ethernet applications that require high performance.

Applications: For instance, this is the most ideal cable for PoE applications. It is affordable and shielded, and its fire safety is ensured by the cutting-edge plenum jacket.

Note: For PoE applications, only Shielded Cat6 Plenum Cable with a bare copper conductor is recommended. CCA Cat6 plenum cables can be a fire hazard for PoE.

Why do you need Cat6 Plenum Shielded?

For any ethernet network, the need for a shielded Cat6 plenum cable is indispensable. The entire point of a local area network is to allow effective communication between multiple electronic devices in an office or a home.
And vetted by networking experts, this is the most ideal cable.

It is affordable, complies with the legal and industry standards of safety and performance, and provides everlasting connectivity.

If you have a business network, for instance, you can not only have a functioning network with the Cat6 shielded cable but can also skyrocket your business operations with its enhanced performance and heavy-duty durability.

Installing the cable is just as easy as using and maintaining it. It comes in either an easy-pull box packaging or on a sturdy wooden spool. The packaging also allows you to safely store it without ruining it.

Moreover, if you are installing it in a new building, the inspectors are most likely to approve it instantly because they endorse it themselves.

Where to buy it?

Finding a reliable store to buy the Shielded plenum cable 1000ft can be a hassle. But the key to avoiding buying bad cable is to check its standard compliance. Also, be sure to check that the cable is a bare copper Cat6. STP Cat6 cables also have CCA conductors, and you should not use clad-aluminum cables for heavy-duty applications.


Shielded Cat6 Plenum Cable is the most sought-after ethernet network cable in the market. As compared to its previous and latest counterparts, its performance and durability are up to par. We hope this guide has cleared your ambiguities regarding the top-notch Bulk Cat6 Cable.

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