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What is the Best Affordable Email Hosting Provider?

Are you a website owner and looking for cloud work email services? We understand creating a custom email address is an excellent method for an organization to look professional. 

You might be wondering if it will increase your expenses. And this is the reason why you neglect busting your budget. 

Fortunately, there are many cheap and affordable cloud work email hosting providers. They can assist you in making a professional approach towards customers. Let’s walk through the top 3 affordable email hosting providers you can choose. 

Top 3 Affordable Email Hosting Providers 

Here we have mentioned some best and affordable email hosting providers.


Zoho email is the first on the list. It offers free hosting and other services. 

Luckily they have a lifetime free plan for five users. Also, the plan consists of 5 GB storage/user and up to 25 MB attachment.

Moreover, the only downside of this plan is, it allows web access. It means you need to use a webmail client in Zoho mail; you will not be able to use a preferred client of your own. 


  • It offers free hosting with limitations.
  • Price starts from $1 for one user for a month. 
  • Very convenient features such as email recall, folder sharing, and dedicated mobile applications. 

Google Workspace 

G suite is now called Google Workspace. You can say it’s one of the cheap email hosting solutions. But, we include it here because of its diverse features. 

Talking from the beginning, Google Workspace allows you to use Gmail. So eventually, Google Workspace is a simple way of getting access to Gmail having a custom domain name. While using it, remove advertisements from the Gmail interface. 

Furthermore, it allows you to access all the Gmail apps. It includes Sheet, Drive, Doc, and much more. 

Suppose you have a firm that Google Workspace allows sharing data within the organization. For one user, the G suite costs $6/month. 


  • A little costly choice but worth buying 
  • $6 for one month and one user
  • Access to all Google apps
  • Easy for sharing information 


Rackspace is one of the valuable and cheap hosting providers on our list. However, it has many features with high storage capacity. Rackspace Email is competitively priced.

Also, these plans also get infinite group lists, aliases, virus or spam protection, forwarding rules, free email migrations, and zero ads.


  • $2.99 for one month and one user
  • Mailbox storage is up to 25 GB 
  • It allows unlimited forwarding rules, group lists, and aliases
  • Email migrations are free

We have listed the top 3 valuable and affordable cloud work email hosting providers. However, we will recommend you to choose the G Suite. It is worth buying, and you can purchase it from Oryon. Moreover, you can access affordable yearly or monthly hosting plans. Furthermore, you might hit the jackpot with special offers. 


We hope our list of affordable cloud work email hosting providers will help you. It will surely make your website propel and grow. 

Still, having doubts? No worries, we are open to questions and suggestions!


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