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What Is The Best Software And Place To Find B2B Email Addresses?

Where To Find The B2B Emails Besides LinkedIn?

If you are looking for a list of best b2b leads sources, LinkedIn would be undisputable #1 on that list. And that’s understandable. No doubt that LinkedIn is the ocean of b2b leads. But there are also other platforms that have millions of companies, divided into categories, where you can find ideal prospects along with some reference points for your b2b marketing campaigns.

Google Maps is the best place for b2b leads on the internet where you can find SaaS companies, startups, restaurants, hotels, software houses, marketing experts, and other companies that will match your Ideal Customer Profile.

You will probably know Google Maps for directions only. I just want you to realize that Google Maps could be also used as a source of b2b leads for your outbound campaigns. Most of Google Maps’ search results will show you companies, not people. Some of the results will show you, professional people profiles, as well. But remember that Google Maps is the most trusted and valuable place to find and get b2b leads.

So, by searching data from Google Maps, you can get the data of companies, rather than finding people in certain positions, which is what you would normally start from while searching on LinkedIn. Undoubtedly, there are millions of registered businesses on Google Maps where you can look for b2b leads. Think of places where your ideal businesses gather to talk and exchange ideas, feature their company, or share some content.

For instance, if you’re looking for restaurants, local shops, or hospitals, maybe Google Maps will be a good place for you? Years ago, I used to look for places on Google Maps. But, now I am using it for b2b lead generation.

How To Find And Extract B2B Leads From Google Maps To Excel?

No doubt that Google Maps is the best place to find and collect b2b leads. You can collect this data manually. But it takes time, energy, and money. Instead of copy-pasting, you can collect this data automatically by using Google Business Extractor software. Google Maps doesn’t provide an option to download business data from Google Maps. There you need to use Google Maps Data Extractor software to extract data from Google Maps to Excel.

What Is The Best Software To Find B2B Emails From Google Maps?

Before choosing your Google Maps B2B Email Finder Software, you have to ask yourself a few questions:

Is the data fresh and up to date?

How is the contact information provided?

Is the software collecting the right business information?

Have the emails and contact information been verified?

Google Maps Extractor is the best software (provided by Ahmad Software Technologies) to find, extract, and export data from Google Maps to Excel. Google Maps Lead Extractor allows you to find and verify business emails, phone numbers, ratings, reviews, descriptions, social media links, and much more from Google Maps. Google Maps Business Extractor is a B2B data enrichment tool that is pretty easy to use and implement in your sales and marketing workflows. The data provided by Google Maps Crawler is stored in various formats for use such as Excel, CSV, or Text files.

What Do I like About Google Maps Data Extractor?

The best thing about Google Maps Contact Extractor is that you can find business data by business name, zip code, and business listing URL. You don’t need to learn any programming or technical skills to use it. You can use it easily even if you don’t know about programming languages or don’t have any technical skills. Furthermore, you will get only what you need. Google Maps Grabber price is very reasonable. You just have to pay 50$ for a month and will get millions of b2b leads from Google Maps using the software. Moreover, they provide video tutorials for understanding the working of the software. You have an option to use the software for free for 3 days but you can’t export data in the free version. In other words, Google Places Scraper is the best software to find and get b2b leads from Google Maps.

Why Do You Need To Use Google Maps Data Extractor Tool?

If you don’t know then I want to tell you that there are more than 12 million businesses on Google Maps. You can’t collect this data manually. A business listing on Google Maps normally has ratings, reviews, business descriptions, email addresses, social media links, latitude, longitude, and much more. If you collect data from one business listing only. It will take almost 10-15 minutes. If you collect data manually, you will collect business data from 50 business profiles maximum in a day. But, If you are using Google Maps Email Extractor software, you are able to collect data from 1200-1500 business listings in a day for targeted industry and location. That’s why Google Maps Listing Scraper software is necessary for Google Maps Lead Generation.

Wrap Up

Now that you have the right tool and platform for generating b2b leads, you can begin generating high-value B2B leads for sales and business development.

You can then automate much of the b2b lead generation process, and empower your sales team to convert at a greater rate. If you need complete information about a business then Google Maps is the best place then LinkedIn and Google Maps Extractor is the best tool to get b2b emails and other contact information from Google Maps.

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