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What is the Process of Tooth Replacement?

Do you have a missing tooth? Or are your teeth disfigured to the extent that there seems no possible solution? If yes, then tooth replacement is the treatment for you.

However, if you are still not sure whether you need tooth replacement or not, you have come to the right place. In this article, you will get to know the process of teeth replacement and attention-worthy signs that will help you make a decision. So, buckle down, and let’s get started without further delay.

Dental implant surgery is a long process that needs patience, but the results are worth the wait.

Here is the step-by-step procedure of dental implant surgery for better understanding-

Ensuring bone strength

The dentist will first check if your jaw bone is thick and strong enough to support the implant. If it isn’t, the dentist will perform bone grafting and wait for new bone growth. This can take several months, though.

Placement of tooth implant

Once your bone is strong enough, the dentist will drill holes in your bone to place the implant metal post. The post is then fixed into the hole and then serves as a tooth root.

Please note that the tooth implant won’t be placed during this step.

Waiting for bone growth

The jawbone grows onto and joins with the surface of the dental implant post throughout this procedure. This step can take many months, but it assists in establishing a stable foundation for your new prosthetic tooth.

Abutment placement

An abutment is a piece that is the attachment point of the crown. Placement of this piece might require a minor surgery which the dentist usually performs in an outpatient setting under a local anesthetic.

Tooth placement

This is the step where the grown or the new tooth is finally placed and fixed.

The crown will be natural-looking and will also match the current color of your teeth.

Signs That You Need Dental Implant Surgery

Now that you know the entire teeth replacement procedure, it is time to discuss the signs. Here is a list of the most important signs, have a look-

Loose dentures

Loose dentures can be quite irritating and don’t look good as well. Additionally, it also affects your self-confidence. So, if you face similar issues, then dental implant surgery can help you.

Sunken face

After wearing dentures for a long time, the face collapses as dentures can be removed. Hence, these substitutes do not promote bone development or healing. The jawbone deteriorates. Sagging skin, thinning lips, and wrinkles contribute to the face’s sunken-in appearance.

So, if you are facing a similar issue, consider getting your tooth replaced.

Damaged teeth

Sensitivity, pain, and gum swelling can all be symptoms of a cracked or fractured tooth. The dentist will examine the fracture to see if it extends below the gumline. If it does, then repairs will no longer save the tooth. Hence, the tooth will need to be extracted and replaced with a dental implant and a crown by the dentist.

Missing teeth or tooth

A missing tooth looks terrible and is not healthy for you as well. Hence, it is better to get a tooth replacement and prevent yourself from all the hassle.

Your smile and confidence should not suffer because of teeth. So, take matters into your hands, call a trustworthy dentist and book an appointment soon.




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