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The Reality Behind Vaping Water?

The answer to this question is: yes. However, this query is still under research and needs much more experimentation to give a more definite answer. Today’s blog post is to provide you with the basic idea and some important aspects of water vapes. The information collected is the summary of currently available research, data, and studies. Let us begin our ride toward the unraveling of a very unique topic: vaping water.

How does the water vape function?

  • Every vaper has an idea about how vape brands disposable or regular electronic cigarettes work. However, very few have actually experienced the working of water vapes. To be concise, the knowledge of general chemistry and some research offers the following information about water vapes:
  • At the boiling point (100 °C or 212 °F), water converts into steam. 
  • The only thing that you will be inhaling during the water vaping session will be the water vapor. Usually, there are no flavors in this alternative of e-juice vapes. 
  • The vapor coming out of the water vapes condenses in the mouth post-inhaling.
  • You will not get to experience the thick, flavorful, and colorful clouds. This is because water vapes lack vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG). These two ingredients are responsible to produce thick vapor clouds in other types of vaping. Vape brands disposable is a case in point here as their e-liquid contains VG and PG.

Is water vapor a safe option to vape?

To put it simply, the worst that can happen during water vaping is that you can burn your mouth or air passage. Whereas, the best that happens is that you will be just inhaling steam free of nicotine and chemicals. Whether or not water vapes are safe for your body is debatable but they are definitely risky for your device. There is a high chance that due to flooding the coils and other parts of the vape device can be rusted. The leakage in the vape tank can also be annoying during water vaping sessions.

Because of the high temperature, there is always a risk of throat irritations during water vaping. As far as the damage to the lungs is concerned, the alveoli will not be damaged much. The reason for this is that by the time the vapor reaches your lungs it will be similar to body temperature. 

Do normal e-juices contain water?

You may be surprised to know that many of your favorite e-juices also contain some water. You might not have noticed but vegetable glycerin is thicker in consistency than propylene glycol. Therefore it is diluted with the help of water in e-liquids that contain a high amount of VG. This is done to make the puff easy and smooth. Thus, water is, to some extent, present in normal e-juice for the sake of enhancing the vape experience.

Is water vapor appealing in terms of taste?

The steam emitting out from water vapes is tasteless and colorless. As it is formed when water is heated to high temperatures. To state the obvious, water vapes do not even contain nicotine. So if you are a former heavy smoker who wants to replace hazardous tobacco with a safer addiction. Then, do not go for water vapes because they will not satisfy your nicotine cravings. Instead, choose an e-liquid that contains salt and nicotine. 

You can, however, get a faint aroma if you mix flavorings with water. This would be a new experience but then what is the point of vaping just water? If you want flavor then buy proper e-liquids from reputable brands. 

All in all, there are not many dangers in vaping just water but it seems to be pointless. Why risk the burning of the mouth, throat, and tongue,  when you can get cheap e-liquids easily? If you want to avoid nicotine consumption then search for nicotine-free e-juices. You can get them ready in many online and outlet stores. Vape water if you like but then do not complain about the malfunctioning of your device. 

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